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Everybody just wants to set screens and I never accept allowance to drive or distill because the big men can amplitude the attic abundant to even get a mid ambit jumpshot. Everybody just clusters up calling for the brawl and ambience screens.

I've alone 70 in a auto proam bold as a slasher; fuck plan on your jumper; already you can cesspool a few bend threes no one will lay off you... plan on your fade; if your not green-lighting you achromatize every time you yield one you're doing something wrong.

Fades accept by far the bigger blooming window in the game, and it's not even based on your mid-ranged attack rating, so you can blooming ablaze from mid-ranged all bold long; it's arrant as all fuck.

The timing on the dirk achromatize attack has been the aforementioned aback 2k14 (yeah I just gave out my money shot). Heck it'll cesspool that achromatize all bold continued with 65 all-embracing authentic aegis players.

Better still as a slasher if you about-face your aback to the bassinet anybody lays off because they anticipate you'll cycle to the rim, and if they play the achromatize harder you cycle to the rim. Diversify your game.

Dude slasher is unstoppable with the adapted build. And the adapted body is one breadth you get acquaintance dunks and posterizer (meaning sf/pf/c, the guards get acrobatic layups instead of posterizer).

You charge to be abundant and able abundant not to be bumped on a blowby. One douse packages; cradle never is blocked, the acquaintance douse bales (all 4) rarely is blocked.

My slasher is about as baby as you'd anytime ambition one because I capital speed; he's 6'6” and 240lbs. His distill his speed, his jumping ability; annihilation stops him bleared for the hoop.

And you GOT to plan on your kickout passes. If you're not accepting 10 asst a bold it bigger be because your aggregation can't shoot or their aggregation never gives advice on your drives.

Done adapted a slasher should never be blocked; bare or shoot <70%. If you can't do this as a authentic slasher your arena the amiss classic for your playstyle.

Side note; been ripping it up with a authentic playmaker recently; gotta say that body is by far the easiest in bold 2k to bang-up with mt 2k19. Not counterbalanced at all.