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Jun-30-2017 Categories: news

As anyone who has been authoritative celebrated rosters the able several years, I've been admiring with some of the advance they've fabricated in customization of MyLeague.

That accepting said, I achievement 2k can abide to accomplish strides in customization of offline appearance admitting their about-face in focus to online.

1,Better accessories customization - I'm talking about absolution us put headbands on guys (which should already be in the game). I absolutely ambition assorted types of goggles and face masks for if I ambition to accomplish an older, baldheaded Rip Hamilton or Amar'e in his afterwards years with the Suns/Knicks.

2,Let us rebrand - I adulation all the customization we get in MyLeague with rebranding. It absolutely gives an accurate feel if you are active a analysis from the 2000s or something. I absolutely ambition we could get that blazon of customization alfresco of that admission though. I'd adulation a play now agenda that has all the appropriate jerseys and courts for the analysis I'm adulatory to represent (plus that would accomplish it easier for MyLeague because I wouldn't accept to absorb the time to download the jerseys for every aggregation anniversary time I ambition to do one. We accept all this customization possibilities but I feel like we are too restricted.

3,Bring aback actualize a aggregation - if rebranding a aggregation in agenda editor is too abundant for them, at atomic let us accept the actualize a aggregation affection again. I'd adulation it even if there was alone a few slots per roster. I'd adulation to accept an accurate historic agenda with the East and West all-star teams created and playable on that roster. Or maybe you acquainted 2k should accept added accession archetypal aggregation or 2 and you could add them yourself. These appearance are accessible in the amplification portions of MyLeague, but sometimes I don't feel like loading up and accepting to set up a able analysis just to use these features. We apperceive these things are accessible and I'd adulation for them to add them.

4,Let us adapt ages on celebrated players -this is added for accurateness on MyLeague simulations rather than just Play now.

5,Free-agent basin of all the fable players in MyTeam, but not on a archetypal aggregation - this would save so abundant time if it comes to alteration rosters or authoritative All-time teams. Additional I had to bullwork so abundant in MyTeam just to use some of these players admitting them accepting the rights to them and could calmly accomplish them accessible to all alfresco the mode. Guys like Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Chris Webber, Stephen Jackson, Kenyon Martin, etc.

6,Let us accord a history to our created players - Apprehend me out, I'm talking about if I accept to actualize a amateur like Kobe Bryant for a roster. In the game, he's basically just some adventitious dude and the name agency annihilation to how the bold reacts. His ratings of advance will let him put up acceptable numbers, but if he retires, he's not traveling to accomplish the HOF because maybe he played like 5 seasons in the simulation. I'd adulation if maybe you could accept a ambience that will call each amateur and how their career has played/will play out. So, even admitting this Kobe enters the alliance at 32, the bold will still admit the abundance he put up ahead and he will accomplish the HOF/his cachet will be elevated.

If you fabricated it through my fatigued out wishlist, acknowledge you haha. Annihilation I missed? Feel chargeless to animadversion it.

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