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NBA 2K - All Time Scorers packs

With accessible All Time Scorers packs advancing out on Tuesday, who do you guys anticipate will be in the set? Who do you wish in the set?

In the Beasts Blog they hinted at a Affair Backpack forth the curve of scoring with the endure band accepting "That’s all for now, but we’ll be aback anon with added information. Just remember—Getting buckets is important…"

This is arch mostly anybody to accept that the Affair will be All Time Scorers, which will absolutely appear with some pricy Precious stones as the endure few Affair Sets acquire had.

Something I did agenda is that there are a scattering of players in the Top 25 of All Time Scorers who don't acquire Diamonds.

Kobe Bryant- Has a Blush Diamond, hopefully the Design would be from 09-10

Dirk Nowitzki- Continued behind Diamond

Moses Malone- 2K does not acquire the rights to him I believe, but would be a air-conditioned agenda to see

John Havlicek- Would be the "Gervin" and "Cousy" of the set but would still be a abundant auto for some people

Ray Allen- A Design adaptation of him would be authentic cheese

Allen Iverson- Addition continued behind card, and a agenda abounding humans acquire been cat-and-mouse for.

Set Reward- Design Karl Malone

Another affair I would acquire to say is putting Rubies in these packs would accomplish no faculty as a lot of of these players acquire tiers aloft Rubies.

Others include: Kareem, Jordan, Lebron, and Shaq but I'm not abiding as to how they would absolution these cards as I'm abiding a MVP set will be advancing out for USA Jordan.

Personally, I allegation a Design Kobe, his Amethyst is too acceptable and as anyone who isn't traveling for the PD, this would apparently be my admired agenda this year if it was released.

What do you guys think?

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