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NBA 2K - Acquire consistently been a no in 2k

Then slashers should accomplish about all acquaintance layups, acrylic protectors should block in fact anybody that even tries to douse or do a layup anyone abreast them, lockdown should be able to Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins go through screens like nothing, attack creators should be able to accomplish added of their affective shots etc.

It actively irritates me how the majority of the association is 12 year old sharpshooters.If one classic is traveling to be lights out in their specialty, so should every added archetype.

I don't acquire all this % talks. Sharps has consistently been lights out. They can shoot 100% if advanced open. If you can't blooming with a 90+ 3 afresh you deserve to brick.

You can't, appropriate now 2k just says "nah bruh not this time" on abounding white releases, not often, but abundant that you can't just say you'll shoot 100% advanced open. I don't anticipate sharps should be 100%, but because they acquire no added way to score, they should be 60-65% at least.

But sharps can blooming any accessible jumpshot from about anywhere on the court. Abounding whites beggarly the attack wasn't perfect.

Wide accessible shots is acceptable attack selection. Acquaintance layups are not because you are too apathetic to in actuality pass.

Do these slashers in actuality beforehand alteration shots? Because beeline up contested lay ups acquire consistently been a no in 2k.

I alone acquire a aciculate but even afresh I've been able to blooming contested lay ups by alteration shots (done by mistake).

I've never agitated to apprentice how to appropriately change shots and the timing but I bet that is the problems with abounding slashers. I've apparent some in fact ascendant slashers who changes shots and bits looks just like absolute activity nba players.