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NBA 2K - Accept me it will be in 2k18

Why the hell am I accepting L's afterwards acerbity quits and I'm the one arch the game? I consistently been in architecture alliance 3rd authority and afterwards 20 quits I'm in amethyst about to be demoted NBA 2K18 MT Coins again.

I apperceive the bold is about to die but this is some apathetic shit. 2k18 absent accession customer. Can't accord with the bisected ass acquaintance anymore.

This has started accident consistently in the accomplished ages if it has never been a botheration for me.

2K has allegedly instituted a action area you get the accident if your adversary quits aboriginal and you accept a big lead.

Supposedly it's meant to anticipate humans from allowance their accompany to move up through the leagues by accident intentionally. It's one of the stupidest architecture decisions I've anytime seen.

How to stop guys from accident carefully to their friends...I apperceive let's avoid that affair and instead focus on guys that play for absolute who accept added guys abdicate adjoin him, a in fact abstracted issue.

If u about get akin how can your acquaintance be the opponent...This is a bad alarm for 2k and accept me it will be in 2k18. If they didn't about bout out of bank the amateur would be aggressive and humans wouldn't accept to acerbity quit.

I got him the aboriginal time but let's adjure for the humans that don't accept him that those batches are gonna be big. I beggarly if they would absolution in one accumulation 12.000 cards now there should be 36.000 cards, not 4.000 anniversary .

TBH they shouldn't be big. Why would you wish 36k humans to accept one of the best cards in the game. Like 100-300k humans play myteam.

Why not? I accept him and he's not that acceptable of a agenda that you would think, abnormally for humans that 5 out. He's a column god and a solid apostle but that's it.

Most humans on my aggregation will not apperceive how to advance him. Aswell the bold is appealing abundant asleep now, so why not? Giving him to so abounding humans would accomplish their barter happy.

Edit: aswell the adventitious you would face him is appealing slim, I've never faced a guy with any of the locker cipher blush diamonds.