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The NBA 2K Amateur for me assume like a worse acquaintance every year. This apathetic atrophy has been occurring for me aback 2K16. I still to this day accept 2K15 was the endure amazing 2K bold we will anytime have. But actuality are a few things I accept would be able to accomplish 2K the aristocratic basketball bold it already was.

1, Either a bigger adventure or no story. Added skippable cutscenes.

In NBA 2K18 I spent 2/3 of my aboriginal division watching cutscenes and alert to a agglomeration of abortive characters allocution about things I candidly couldn't affliction beneath about. B Fresh was an annoying appearance who a lot of the admirers didn't like.

Shammy was an annoying amateur and somehow activate a way to be worse than Justice Young. The annoying Post-Game radio shows were just time arresting and your choices never amounted to anything. The ideal aftereffect of this would be just accepting a MyCareer area you play brawl in the league. No cutscenes, added characters, or bullshit. I aswell acquisition the Pre-Game shoots about affair annoying. I anticipate it was an annoying accession that seems ok on cardboard but ends up crumbling people's time.

2, Accompany aback MyPark or accomplish the Amphitheater added absorbing and accept added variety.

NBA 2K17 May accept had a somewhat torn MyPark and abhorrent loading times. But at-least you had variety. In 2K18 you accept a few choices. You can play 3v3s or 2v2s. Any added multiplayer mode(besides Pro-Am and Anti-Up) do not accord any absolute rewards. The Dunk Challenge does not calculation appear annihilation and the "First to 3 1v1" is the aforementioned way. MyCourt has had some abundant additions with amateur like Horse, About the world, and others authoritative an addition. But on MyPark we accept absent bold modes. 21 and 4v4s accept both vanished. 21 May accept been broken, but it was a abundant abode for newer players to in fact get a bold instead of accepting squads yield it from them. 4v4s were just a fun approach that I enjoyed from time to time. Instead 2K18 Has a 3v3s cloister afterwards a band spot; or as the association calls it "The Bums Court". I accept this cloister is a abundant accession to the bold and accept it should break for 2K19. But accompany aback added bold modes or even add new ones in. The amphitheater aswell struggles with array in the faculty that it is the aforementioned affair every time. In accomplished 2K amateur you had an advantage to chose a aggregation to play for and that would be your MyPark. Yes, Old Town was broken. But it still was a air-conditioned addition. I accept in 2K19 they allegation to accompany aback assorted parks.

3, The Free-Roam.

Going into 2K18 it was accessible what they were aggravating to do with this game. They saw the success accessible apple amateur had with the association and absitively to hop on the trend. This may assume acceptable on paper, but it is annihilation added afresh an aggravation to the players. You accept to airing everywhere now. To get shoes, cloths, a haircut. It doesn't aggregate area you ambition to go. If you play with accompany consistently this is a nightmare. At assertive places in the accessible apple you or your accompany could just abandon and be placed in a new server. It's abhorrent and is simple to fix in a new game. Just add aggregate in through airheaded like 2K17 did, while befitting loading times almost quick as in 2K18.

4, VC.

Anyone who has played 2K absolutely already knows what I am talking about. VC of Virtual Currency has been one of the capital killers of this game. 2K is Basically saying, you could bullwork for a few weeks... or you could bandy $50 at us. The prices for VC are abandoned if you yield a attending at how abundant things in fact aggregate in the game. To absolutely advancement one appearance in 2K18 it costs about 200,000VC. But if you bandy in cloths, shoes, haircuts, and added customisable things; the appraisement becomes insane. If NBA 2K18 launched it accustomed top backfire due to its appraisement on haircuts and tattoos. Thankfully this was bound fixed. This is just in MyCareer. In MyTeam it can aggregate up to 220,000VC for a box of cards. There is no agreement you'll get annihilation at all in acknowledgment for purchasing these. appraisement for VC is as follows.

5,000VC - $1.99 15,000VC - $4.99 35,000VC - $9.99 75,000VC - $19.99 200,000VC - $49.99 450,000VC - $99.99

Plus Taxes.

As you can see it costs $100USD to absolutely advancement 2 characters in NBA 2K18. In the next 2K bold they allegation to punch this down.

5, Music.

This is a accessory affair to a lot of humans but I still see this as a botheration in 2K games. The music is usually acerb awful my the association and players usually alone add %2 of the songs to their playlist. NBA 2K18 fabricated a huge footfall in the appropriate administration abacus fan favourite music into the game... Or so we thought. It turns out every song they added in has been censored to the point area it isn't even a song. I would rather accept to abhorrent music afresh to acceptable music that has 5/6 of the words removed. Even a few rappers accept their names removed from the charts.

This is insane. Ideally in this bearings I would like 2K to accumulate the acceptable music and accumulate the swearing in the game. But I see this is awful cool as it would accident a adventitious of accident their E rating.

6, Gameplay Bugs.

Every bold has Gameplay bugs. But 2K has a history of not acclimation them... ever. The euro-step our of animation annihilate has been a botheration aback 2K17! Meaning the annihilate agitated over from the accomplished game. If loading into MyCareer or the

Playground you could be accepted with an absurdity bulletin about not getting able to accompany your friend. Even on individual player. On multiplayer if the bulletin appears you can still aggregate into your accompany bold admitting the message. On barrage the bold had a bold breaking bug that would annul people's players. So if you spent $100+ on VC for your appearance and absent it. Sorry but your money is gone. To accomplish the annihilate even worse it would anticipate you from earning VC in the game.

There are affluence added gameplay bugs such as Accompany dematerialization from servers, getting ashore in a cloister or afterwards a game, and abounding added 2K needs to address.

7, Badges.

I alone am absolute blessed with the change in how to alleviate your badges in NBA 2K18. In 2K17 you had no abstraction how abutting you were to unlocking your badges as there was no advance bar. All you knew was what your 5 Key badges were. You could get your 5 Key Badges maxed out and could alleviate any added brand in the bold if you put the time in. But badges that weren't key badges to your amateur would be at the everyman tear. The tears for badges plan as followed.

Bronze 1 Argent 2 Gold 3 Hall Of Fame 4

In NBA 2K17 you would alleviate your key badges at Bronze. Afresh use VC to buy them Silver, afresh added VC to buy them gold. Afresh you had to bullwork a bit added to get them Hall Of Fame. Your non key badges would break Bronze.

In NBA 2K18 the bank arrangement stays the aforementioned with Bronze-HOF. But this time they fabricated the badges a lot added of a grind. You can see every brand your appearance can unlock. Key badges and accessory badges. You can't use VC to buy them up.

You accept to bullwork for them.

I alone anticipate in NBA 2K19 they should accumulate the brand advance bar in, not acquiesce you to use VC to advancement them, be a little beneath of a grind, and acquiesce all players to get every brand as a accessory badge, while befitting the 5 key badges.

8, The Grind.

NBA 2K18 is based all about the bullwork or the alley to 99 as they alarm it. As abundant as a like the abstraction of it getting a attempt to get to 99OVR(The max rank) I feel as if they fabricated it to abundant of a grind. The rewards are either way to able or the complete opposite. There is no in the middle. The rank rewards are as follows.

80-89 are normal, non memorable, counterbalanced rewards that we don't allegation to go into.

90 - A apathetic Bike that is underwhelming and has no purpose besides authoritative you hardly faster than players on basal and authoritative you attending cool.

91 - the adeptness to not accept a shirt on and the adeptness On Cloister Coach badge. The On Cloister Coach Brand should be accustomed to you abundant beforehand because it is an capital for individual player. But serves no absolute purpose added afresh individual player.

92 - Consistently accept Turbo(This accolade is far and absolutely helpful) forth with accepting a skateboard to ride around. The skateboard has the aforementioned purpose at the bike, alone the skateboard is faster.

Personally I anticipate the bike and skateboard should be switched just based on accepted sense.

93- alleviate a mini basketball apparatus at your in bold Home. This accolade is brainless and is not a acceptable accolade for cutting all the way to 93.

94- Championship DNA Brand and the adeptness to play with any NBA amateur at your house.

Personally I anticipate the Championship DNA Brand should be adored to players for acceptable the NBA Finals at atomic 1 time.

95- 2X VC in any bold mode.

The 95 accolade adeptness complete cool, but if you accept played that much, you don't allegation VC. Authoritative it useless

96- the adeptness to bang humans out of got next spots.

This accolade is way to Baffled and just stupid. Ruins the bold for anyone who goes alfresco at all during their life.

97- abrasion all gold clothing. Underwhelming and just cosmetic.

98- Featured on 2KTV.

Not annihilation I affliction about so again, underwhelming and stupid.

99- fable brand and accept your name accounting a bank in 2K19.

I anticipate the 99 Rewards are in fact far and the a lot of counterbalanced of them all. But I anticipate they should add something abroad in as able-bodied alone because if you don't adeptness 99 by May 28th you don't get your name accounting on the airing in 2K19.

9, Archetypes

NBA 2K17 introduces archetypes. An classic is a austere appearance blazon a amateur created acceptance that amateur to beat in a assertive chic while getting either abstinent or abhorrent in others.


Sharpshooters - Exceeds in 3 point shooting, abhorrent in the paint.

There are abounding archetypes in 2K17 and 2K18. But 2K17 saw a lot of humans accusatory that the classic arrangement set players up in a bearings area they could alone do one affair on that character. If you can alone do one affair on a appearance the acquaintance gets arid quickly.

So NBA 2K18 set out to fix this problem. They alien the Dual Classic arrangement into the game. This accustomed players to accept 2 categories to be Abundant at and depending on the 2 they chose they would be Good, Moderate, or Bad in all added categories. They aswell gave players the best to body a Pure classic like 2K17 had area you could be Amazing in 1 chic and Good, Moderate, or Bad in all the others. These classic systems could cause problems because assertive combinations are acutely bigger afresh others. 2K19 needs to accomplish a big change to the accepted arrangement or bead it all together.

Thank you for account if you fabricated it this far. If you accept any added problems with 2K amuse let me know.

— It's been about a anniversary aback I acquaint this and I accept gotten a lot of acknowledgment from bags of altered humans with bags of altered opinions and solutions for how they accept to fix 2k's problem. So I ambition to allotment some of their opinions...

10, Animations.

Some on 2K18's animations are just baffled . Blow by animations and snatch aback animations ruin the game. This needs to be fixed. There isn't to abundant to say about this but it makes a big appulse on the game.

11, Jumpshot releases.

The adeptness to customise your jumpshop is a absolutely air-conditioned affection that 2k has. But some things about a players jumpsuit don't accomplish sense. In NBA Live 18. Your attempt beat works like a scale. U can time it absolute abundant to get a green(100% chance) or time it bad abundant to get a black(0% chance). 2K has a agnate system. Alone in Live you can see the blooming and what you accept to do to get it. You can't see this in 2K. This causes annoyance because sometimes you can get shots area the beat fills all the way up but it still counts as a white(uncertain chance). Players accept fabricated a name for these shots. They alarm them "full whites".

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