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NBA 2K - 2k needs to create moment key on defense

2K needs to create moment key on protection. Why is splitting the experience area control buttons on protection compensated to much? if you mistime a grab in real.


IF you go for a prevent at a different time.


And I promise only a few individuals can have the response moment to get better from both to immediately try it again.

Also why isn't a guy going for a beginning prevent and dropping on me not a nasty yet. instead causing me to fall like a moron and drop soccer.

I have not seen this viewpoint before. Great points! I'd like to see changes like that.

How about getting obstructed while the guy is on the way down...Happens all a lot of quantity of your energy and effort in real.

Do you think individuals can bid on a cards through reddit or something? lol just put him up and wish he costs a lot, it's all fortune.

Was just expecting someone wants one and i list him and they bid on him. Thats how i anticipate outcomes but idk if no one wants then its excellent.

Nah I believe you, it absorbs having to keep back 4 time, and the truth that you don't know if itll sell at 100 or if itll get an excellent bid causes it to be even more intense lol just wish to the 2k gods and anticipate the best.

I usually try to put my credit cards up on the primary time of when individuals are on. I often put up my credit cards up during the night for 4 time. Usually I'll begin the bid around 5pm so that way it completes around 9pm when a collection of individuals are on NBA 2K18 MT.

Even then, it isn't confident you'll get what you want or even industry value.