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NBA 2K - 2k be wack

They gave Joakim Noah No hof arresting admiration or hof hustle rebounder but gave him a 89mid and 89 FT...I'm added abashed at the all-embracing 56 playmaking smh.

Wasnt he acclaimed as a Point Centermost in Chicago??? WTF?

2k be wack. Agreed he should accept those with rim protector. If annihilation he should at atomic accept had HoF hustle rebounder.

Joakim Noah is the analogue of Hustle Rebounder.

He attempt 74.4% from the band that year, 43.8% from 10-16 anxiety and 40.7% from 16 anxiety to the 3 point line. Annihilation amiss with those ratings but he should accept those badges.

I'm afraid there's no activating duo with the design rose or something. Not the greatest agenda but he will go accurately on my all Bulls coffer squad.

If they gave him acceptable badges like the added Cards i would accord him HOF Houstle Rebounden and Dimer. Dude was the CP3 amidst bigmen.

2K is stingy with badges, like all of the celebrated collections I anticipate abandoned shaq had a HOF badge, and anybody abroad had golds, they even gave artest abate breaker for some acumen but no HOF arresting stopper.

We charge a DPOY Noah agenda with HOF Rim protector, Arresting stopper, Hustle rebounder, Putback King, Bruiser and Dimer.

Wish he had bigger badges and added playmaking stats..at still try this duo if they accord him one with drose.

At this rate, Steve Nash is gonna accept 99 aegis and 58 Chargeless Bandy on his next card of NBA 2K17 MT.

It's either 2k is fucking with us, or they in actuality don't watch basketball.