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May-31-2017 Categories: news

I was thinking...Why at this point of the bold dont we get cards aloft sapphires in blacktop? Whats the point of shitty golds now?

I mean, are they accident money or something? We should get rubies and above...im affronted of arena with fucking gold Kenny Gattison, and i bless to cull a design in blacktop as abundant as i would do in a backpack.

Sorry for continued title, but i capital to put it all on it.

Because 2K ailing planned this bold afterwards because what the endgame arena would attending like. That's why we got these new 92 all-embracing amethysts and 89 rubys accepting way bigger than 95 precious stones that were accessible at launch.

MTO is aswell busted because some of the bigger rewards are alliance packs that don't appear with moments cards.

When did this start? i bethink i acclimated to get ruby's and aloft all the time on blacktop. WHY would they about bind it now to gold and emeralds?

Does anyone apperceive the acumen abaft it and who makes these decisions? I get a azure agenda 1 out of every 10 amateur and I feel like i hit lotto...The accustomed now is a phil jackson and gold bonzi wells.

I in actuality like the way Blacktop is set up. I've played about 2000 amateur now and adore accepting to acclimate to the actualization of the players I aces rather than accepting OP cards go adjoin added OP cards.

I dont affliction about OP cards even tho it should be accessible to get, contrarily just rid of this caster which is predetermined.

Just dont ambition the aforementioned basin of gold and emeralds.. i accept 50 amateur with keith erickson as a teammate.

I'll yield argent and bronz teammates if 2k is adjoin affairs top rated acting cards for whatever their reasoning.

Shit accord me argent manu and NBA 2K18 MT Coins bronz wesley johnson, just not addition fkn gold bonzi wells.