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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

Is SDS functionally algebraic illiterate? An in abyss look. So I abdicate arena this bold a few months ago because of the debris online gameplay, but I still assay the sub every now and afresh for shits and giggles. I saw they appear the new PotM cards and was intrigued, accurately at the Marquez and Flaherty cards...

Marquez: H/9: 84 K/9: 85 BB/9: 75 Flaherty: H/9: 79 K/9: 83 BB/9: 63

Real activity August per 9s Marquez: 5.56 11.36 1.93 Flaherty: 3.94 10.67 2.53

So they apparently nailed the K/9 and BB/9 but H/9? Appear on. It even says on Flaherty's agenda he had the everyman BAA in the month, as able-bodied as a .73 whip to Marquez's .82. Admittedly I dont apperceive in fact how they agency in the stats for these PotM cards, but searching at the accomplished division too, Flaherty's H/9 is way lower than Marquez, and his ERA is over 1.2 credibility lower.

Is this a huge deal? Nah, I'm just accepting a nit captious cunt, but jeez SDS can you do some assay first? The botheration with the aloft assay is that it says "in depth" but it in actuality isn't.

SDS is aswell searching at things like BABIP, FIP, xFIP and WAR.

Here are those numbers for August:

FIP - Flaherty 2.53, Marquez 1.72

xFIP - Flaherty 2.85, Marquez 2.56

BABIP - Flaherty .188, Marquez .260

WAR - Flaherty 1.0, Marquez 1.9

For the year the BABIP: Flaherty .246, Marquez .305...

So Flaherty wins that BABIP chic easily, right? Well, not really. He pitches in the 7th best esplanade in the aloft alliance in giving up hits. He pitches in the 6th best esplanade in the aloft alliance in giving up runs. Marquez pitches in the hitters paradise of Colorado. His BABIP is consistently traveling to be college than Flaherty, even if he were 3x the bullpen he is. Seriously, you just can't analyze the two players in that chic afterwards demography into annual all the disadvantages Marquez has.

In accession to the stats I accept already given, Marquez faced bigger teams than Flaherty did. Flaherty pitched in LA, KC, STL (x2) and PNC. 4 of those 5 starts are in the 7 best partks for pitchers to angle in. Marquez pitched in Atlanta (11th toughest), San Diego (12th), Milwaukee (17th), Houston (21st) and Colorado X2 (toughest) .

Doles that beggarly I anticipate they are appropriate all of the time? No. Not at all. The affair that sucks about POTM or PS cards is the actuality they are based on way to abbreviate of a sample admeasurement and they accept to be tweaked to accomplish them reasonable.

Objectively speaking, however, there is ZERO agnosticism Marquez had a far bigger ages than Flaherty. SDS fabricated abiding the cards reflected that MLB 19 the show stubs. While I abhor the POTM cards, if they are traveling to do it, they should accomplish abiding the guy who had the bigger ages has the bigger card.