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​MLB 19 - RTTS builds reviewed. IMO

news May-17-2019

​MLB 19 - RTTS builds reviewed. IMO

Side note: Just gameplay wise. All these are based off all-star difficulty, and are played at atomic 1 abounding division in the MLB.

Position Players: (All played as Outfielders)

Anomaly: For me Fielding has been awful and abominably unrealistic with the build. Hitting seems to accomplish no faculty to me. 95% of the assurance I hit are solid acquaintance but it seems like aggregate I hit is hit to a outfielder.

Hardly any doubles. Just dingers and admonishing clue bombs. If you wanna breach controllers and scream at the TV afresh I acclaim this build.

Pure power: My claimed admired build. If you wanna go beeline to the bigs afresh I would acclaim acrimonious this build. Hitting in the amateur if air-conditioned easy.

Rock steady: I could never hit over .280 with this build. Although the upside of this body is how acceptable the batting clamp is. So if you wanna be David Freese afresh accept this. aswell fielding seemed to be appealing acceptable with this build. (Yes I'm a Ranger fan who is still pissed of at Nelson Cruz. Fuck you).

Small Ball: this body is just boring. Flat out boring. But if you don't like hitting earthbound nukes and like accepting a top boilerplate accelerated advance off hitter afresh you'll like the build. But tbh this body is apparently the best in the continued term because if your a acceptable hitter and get your hitting stats up quick, you can about-face into Mike Trout complete quick.

Mr. Utility: I begin hitting with this body in actuality harder but fielding was abundant and I in actuality enjoyed arena with this build.

Best to worst: (IMO)

- Power

- Rock Steady

- Mr. Utility

- Babyish Ball

- Anomaly


Side note: All pitchers are approved with both a amateur and afterpiece and played one abounding year in the MLB. Adversity on All Star.

Flamethrower: CLOSERS ONLY. that is what I recommend. I seemed to accord up a ton of home runs with my starter. Abnormally already you get to the MLB.

Control Freak: STARTERS ONLY. My afterpiece took 9 years to get to the MLB. I was a fucking 98 in the amateur (and didn't accord up a run for 4 beeline years) played with 3 altered teams and it took all of them at atomic 3 years to cull you up. As for starters this is a abundant build. The alone botheration I had is the mega bulk of abhorrent assurance you get. Because you hit the atramentous so much, and the bold loves to abhorrent off 20 abhorrent assurance and at bat. So don't apprehend to bandy abounding complete games.

Plain Filthy: This is acceptable for both builds. This takes the longest to get top all-embracing but it is baleful already you get to 99 break. With I got to appealing quick on my curveball.

Not gonna do a exhausted to affliction because I don't anticipate it would be fair due to it because Of the aberration amid amateur and closer.

Overview: I adulation the new accession of the new builds but MLB 19 Stubs aberration needs to be fixed. Like srsly never been added balked at a bold afresh I accept been application that build.

What do you guys anticipate about the builds this year? What would you like the see?