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​MLB 19 - Just played an alarming 12 inning game

news Apr-14-2019

​MLB 19 - Just played an alarming 12 inning game

2nd inning, my adversary hits a alone attack on a sinker I larboard middle-middle with AJ Burnett. Thats if I said "uh-oh." I was afraid because he had Chris Sale on the mound. Normally, Sale isn't too abundant of a botheration for me, MLB 19 Stubs but it was different this game. Altered because the batter's eye was baby (Main Artery Field), and his absolution point was way advanced of it. The brawl was advancing beeline from a white and blah background. I couldn't see it for the activity of me.

I captivated my adversary at bay, but begin myself batting in the pitchers spot, still afterwards a hit through my aboriginal 8 batters. That's if ALLAN JAMES FREAKING BURNETT channels the adeptness of the Almighty and turns on a fastball that about scrapes over the LF bank for a alone HR. Holy shit. I haven't homered with a bullpen EVER in this game. Been arena aback ‘13. The bold is now angry at 1-1, and my next concoction takes 3 quick strikes as I sit with my ambassador down, still in atheism of what just happened. I accept a adventitious in this one.

The bold proceeded to abide a crazy pitchers bound for the next 6 or 7 innings. Sale was mowing me down with his bullshit, and Burnett was captivation his own, and advancing through in the clamp with runners in scoring position.

The bold charcoal 1-1.

Sale assuredly gets aerial for a compression hitter in the backward innings. (THANK GOD)

That's if I alpha stringing my hits together. Basal of 9, I've got the bases loaded with 1 out. Keon Broxton at the bowl for me. I usually accept a ton of acceptance in his bat (call me crazy), but instead I absitively to go for the suicide squeeze in a 2-1 count. Runners yield off everywhere, and the angle is advancing beeline for Broxton's chest. Broxton bails out, and the angle appears to hit him. Only, it goes STRAIGHT THROUGH HIS FUCKING TORSO AND INTO THE CATCHER'S GLOVE, and Josh Donaldson is asleep in the baptize amid 3rd and home. Wtf SDS?!

In my attack to clutter aback to 3rd, I accidentally forward accession agent off his base. Afterwards Donaldson is tagged out, Joey Gallo is tagged out amid 2nd and 3rd. Bifold play, inning over. Fuck me.

Top of 10, I retire my adversary 1, 2, 3, acknowledgment to Blake Treinen's awful cutters and sinkers.

Bottom 10, Broxton is still at bat, now with a beginning count. Leadoff individual to RF. (Fuck me I should've swung endure inning.)

Broxton has a advance at aboriginal base, and the bullpen is worried. His pickoff bandy gets abroad from the aboriginal baseman, and Broxton coasts into 2nd base. Afresh comes an advised airing to set up the force play, and there are now runners on 1st and 2nd. No outs still.

Next concoction is Benito Santiago, and he strikes out block a fastball aloft the zone. 1 out, runners on 1st and 2nd.

Broxton has a advance at 2nd, and the bullpen seems to be paying him no mind. I adjudge I ambition to accord myself a adventitious at a sac fly, and forward Broxton on a abduct of 3rd. The bullpen goes with a abounding leg kick, but Broxton gets a backward jump (of course.) He's gunned out at third by a mile, bringing his baseborn abject absolute to 4 steals and 8 bent stealing. I candidly don't accept this, he has accomplished acceleration and burglary stats. A arena brawl bifold play ensues, and the inning is over.

My adversary and I barter outs for the next brace innings.

Now it's the basal of 12 and I'm up to bat, adverse Goose Gossage.

My CAP flies out to right-center on a fastball in the affection of the bowl that I just about missed. 1 out. Bellinger is up next, and he draws a 5-pitch walk. Harrison Bader is at now at bat, in the 4-hole, afterwards entering the bold as a pinch agent late. Continued action with the pitcher, and Bader ends up singling to RF on a 3-2 count. Now we accept 1 out, runners on 1st and 2nd, Javy Baez advancing to the dish.

My adversary sees today's dupe — not the acceptable affectionate — Keon Broxton in the on accouter circle. Keon Broxton, the one who bootless on a suicide clasp attack in the clutch. Keon Broxton, the one who got bent burglary at 3rd as the acceptable run. Keon Broxton, New York Mets' 4th outfielder, and brownish amateur with 40 acquaintance and 60 power.

My adversary decides he wants to airing Baez, and face Broxton's allegation ass, affective the runners up a abject and loading the bases. Obviously, this was a abhorrent move.

Broxton is now at the bowl with the bases loaded and 1 out. Aboriginal angle is a fastball on the alien half, and KEON MOTHERFRACKING BROXTON curve it aback up the average to drive in the acceptable run.

Pure redemption. In a bold breadth he seemed to be accomplishing aggregate in his adeptness to lose, he apprehension up catastrophe the chase of a pitchers bound with a walkoff individual as the alarm addled 2:00 AM Pacific. 2-1 victory, Portland Ports.

Keon Broxton, you are today's amateur of the game.

Hats off to my opponent, that was a agrarian one.