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May-20-2019 Categories: news

Imagine if you could body your aggregation with any players you want. And then, you could use stubs to advancement those players; agnate to how you advancement your Actualize a Player.

So all the players you alpha with alpha off as accepted and afresh you can accomplish them 99 if you advancement them enough.

Why would you ambition this?

- You could body your all-diamond aggregation with your admired players instead of just the best players available.

- I'm abiding a lot of us accept players on our aggregation like Manny Machado who, we don't in actuality like, but they're the best advantage for us at the moment.

- Yeah, it's air-conditioned to acquire cards like 99 Ricky Henderson, but you would still be able to do that, this is just a new option.

How it would work

- The players you advancement would still accept banned and archetypes. There would be some stats you can advancement and some that you can't, to a assertive point.

- So you couldn't accomplish Miguel Cabrera or Albert Pujols accept acceleration college than like 40 or 50. And you couldn't accomplish your Billy Hamilton accept 80 power.

- The abstraction is to accomplish a 99 adaptation of your admired real-life player; buy the show 19 stubs if San Diego Studios gave your amateur a Signature Alternation card, this is what it would attending like.

I've apparent so abounding humans allocution about "how air-conditioned it would be if amateur x had a Signature Alternation card." Well, this would acquiesce you to not abandoned accept your all design team, but all your admired players! Even if those players were never design adeptness in their careers.

And this shouldn't change SDS's adeptness to accomplish money because you would accept to use Stubbs to advancement your players. You could get aspect credibility in the anatomy of cards, so humans would still buy packs and bundles in hopes to acquire amateur aspect credibility as able-bodied as already absolute design cards.

This would add a lot added assortment to the bold and action to see what your adversary has. It gets appealing addled seeing the aforementioned scattering of players on every aggregation afterwards you move up to a assertive point in the standings. You apperceive you're traveling to see 99 Kershaw or Ryan. But what if you saw 99 Bartolo Colon instead? That would be awesome!

I adulation Design Dynasty. It's one of the a lot of fun amateur I accept anytime played. I don't anticipate they should get rid of annihilation that exists now, but they should actually add this affection so players can accurate their personality and adulation for the bold added by architecture their DD teams with their constant heroes instead of just the best cards that are on the market, behindhand of who they are.