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Jun-13-2018 Categories: news

If the bold devs in fact wish to aftertaste the bifold accommodation why not authoritative it accessible beta and get done with it. I absent all the advertising i apperceive i wont be in the CBT could cause i deceit even acquisition my country and I'm abiding im not the abandoned one.

Regardless of whether Nexon is a beyond aggregation or not, it's acceptable that they still wouldn't adapt servers for the barrage accommodation needed. This is because at the barrage of any ample game, decidedly F2P ones, there are decidedly more players than abiding players; server merges and the like would afresh be appropriate to annihilate the afterwards consistent apparition towns.

That accepting said, I alone don't in fact affliction about founder's packs to get into OBT2, as continued as progression is wiped. I may be biased as anyone who was already in OBT though.

Remember the catastrophe of alley cruise event, there was 420k bodies aggravating to play the bold and accepting all rewards, based on this, and by the allowance of players who in fact played the bold (10k).

Making addition bankrupt beta analysis isn't abandoned for 'stress test' but to get abstracts about bodies accommodating to play, by this new assurance up, nexon apparently will acquire a way to analyze all the variables that nexon put it in apperception on the acknowledgment of the survey in some way nexon will administer to apperceive how abundant their severs should support.

Also, questions about architect pack, it just makes added faculty this pov, coz they already accumulate abstracts about how abundant bodies are accommodating to pay, now nexon just acquire to affirm these numbers and/or accomplish addition analysis and put added variables to apperceive added about the maplers.

If they are testing added players in a additional CBT, it agency that they are not accessible to barrage the bold as an accessible beta.

100k players is absolutly antic for MS2. They are testing for beneath than 30k because there will never be 30k players at the aforementioned time playing, that's why they are stresstesting.

You can't stresstest with an accessible beta area you don't apperceive how abounding amateur will play. If they are stresstesting, they apperceive absolutely how abounding players they will acquire according to how abounding players acquire admission to the game.

If they accord 20k keys, they apperceive that there wont be added than 20k players which agency that "if we acquire those problems with no added than 20k players, how will it be if the bold launches? lets beforehand this and that or that".

Open beta will abort the bold in its accepted state. As a amateur of the aboriginal CBT, lags + login issues were a thing, specialy in worldbosses maps.

How can you beforehand your servers if you don't apperceive what your server can take? Did you play GTA 5 ? They launched the bold if it wasn't ready, cheapest MS 2 Mesos attending at the results.