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Jul-11-2018 Categories: news

Why do humans say old maplestory was bigger than new maplestory? Like it took 8 hours to get akin 30! it just seems batty unfun who would ambition to absorb 8 hours alone to be such a low akin clumsy to do anything for Maplestory Mesos.

In new maplestory you can akin up faster do bigger adventure accept alot added fun atleast that what it seems like to me, can anyone counterbalance in?

Nostalgia. Anytime something is about for a while, fans/enthusiasts will consistently say the beforehand versions are better, usually beforehand admirers say this.

The bold aswell wasn't as P2W as it is today. Sure, potentials were alien Pre-BB but it's annihilation compared to what we accept now. Aswell bossing, aback afresh it was a affair or parties bossing, nowadays, administration are solo'd.

Any endgame administration arise now consistently has the aforementioned bullshit: several ohko skills, %hp hits, and some anatomy of obstacle.

It's abhorrent and ridiculously complicated (I assumption I'm just a nub, lol) but there is a complete ancillary to it, administration aren't just walls of HP breadth you and/or your affair stands in the map and attacks for hours and hours on end.

That's how it was with Zak and HT aback in the day at least. Even so, bossing nowadays just isn't as fun. It's altered in a bad way, I guess.

Edit: On the affair of bossing: there were affluence of abandoned bossing in the afterwards years of pre-BB. My admired of Bigfoot. There was a bit of adversity to it, but it was crazily simple.

Unless you were a warrior or Mage, you had to contrivance it because you wouldn't be able to catchbasin it's blow dmg. That's it. It had accessory iframes and it had abracadabra advance but it was so pathetically anemic that it wouldn't aching a snail.

The hardest allotment was aggravating to dodge/tank it's blow accident because not abounding classes had 11k hp at the time, abnormally not ranged classes, but BF aswell abashed complete fast and could jump.

Warriors had the easiest time soloing BF because of blitz and pinning it. It was just a abundant bang-up to abandoned because it wasn't anchored and it wasn't in it's own map that you had to access and if you died/exited the map, you wouldn't be able to access anymore for the blow of the day.

With BF, it was in "regular" maps with added "regular" mobs in CWK maps. Afterwards BB, they nerfed BF from about 30m hp to 3m HP and, as you estimated it, humans could just 1-shot it.

I kinda ambition Nexon would adapt BF, accord it a bits ton of hp and accomplish it's blow accident 30-50k or something so we could accept fun with it again.

I agnosticism it would be the aforementioned acquaintance because every chic nowaday has either absolutely top def or top abstain but I'd adulation a avant-garde reincarnation of Bigfoot.