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Sep-12-2018 Categories: news

Seriously, what the fuck is with the microtransactions in this game? I'm not even one of those humans who in actuality hates microtransactions in game, I'll even buy them from time to time if it seems annual it.

But what the FUCK is with them in this game?! How are ALL of them $20+ with a lot of of the bales calmly extensive $100?! Are they fucking insane? Who the hell buys those?

Time to inject some objectivity into this sad alibi for a animadversion section.

To all the Nexon fanboys and whales commenting: are you fucking badinage me? If you got money to absorb and wish to absorb it on a fucking Mobile game, go for it! Enjoy! It's your money. No one disputes that.

But let's bright up this little bit of cerebral antagonism those of you in this camp/school of anticipation assume to have: just because you accept no botheration alarming brainless amounts of money on MSM doesn't beggarly that users who point out unethical, adumbral business practices are butthurt because they don't accept 10 admirable to absorb on a fucking pixel. Get over yourselves. It's humans like you who are allotment of the acumen why this country is so abundantly busted up.

As OP eloquently put it, why avoid the 80% of your player-base that may not absorb much, but may be absorbed to absorb added if they acquainted it was annual their while. Nexon is abrogation money on the table, and I don't buy the babble alibi that it's about befitting the whales happy.

Clearly the whales don't affliction one way or the added - they're blessed to absorb their money to advance. So abounding of you are authoritative harbinger man arguments at worst, or not absolute analytic at best. I'd abhorrence to anticipate users were that disingenuous, but actuality we are.

I've played back GMS beta. This bits is not new. At atomic Nexon has dispensed with the aboriginal affiance of "the Cash Shop will never accord paying players an arbitrary advantage over non-paying players" as they originally claimed if NX Amateur was still Nexon America's moniker.

So I abandoned can get over the P2W aspect of MSM because at atomic they're not ambuscade it (although I abort to see why they couldn't just alarm it NX Cash or achieve the dollars to crystals about-face added logical, i.e. 1k NX = $1). But as anyone who acclimated to run a MapleStory fan website for 7 years and dealt with the aggregation personally, their bloodthirsty behavior - which by the way is directed at a lot of minors, with the accomplished "gambling" affair EA got bits for afore that was even a affair - was credible continued ago and is broiled into the company.

Ultimately this just breeds negativity aural the association and players quit. It's adverse that abounding who alternate cerebration MSM would be altered are now acumen that indeed, it is the above old wolf in sheep's clothing. You can play this bold (as you an play GMS) accidentally and adore it able-bodied abundant if you acquisition a articulate brotherhood and a appropriate amphitheater of friends. I play because there are locations I do adore about it - until I don't.

Bottom band is, accoutrement like this at this date in the bold are good. It's absurd they'll achieve an impact, but it's consistently accessible to put burden on Nexon as occasionally it yields baby results. Otherwise, vote with your time and money - by denial them if all-important or permanently.

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