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Decent SI/SE on Neb vs. Accouter vs. V-Matrix Slot: Which is the best? So actuality is what I accept from my googling:

dSI/dSE on Nebulites/Equip potentials.

Pros: no cooldown, bigger SE? (I apprehend on a column that dSE on nebs (hence accouter potentials too?) accord 10% crit amount and 15% crit accident vs. V-Matrix dSE, which is 10% crit amount and 8% crit damage. Not abiding if this is true, as I've never had dSE equips/nebulites. However, this would acutely absolve accepting dSE on accouter potential/nebulites over V-Matrix. If anyone can confirm/update on this, that'll be great).

Cons: accept to re-equip to recast, which can aftereffect in dps loss/death, abnormally if you're arena with some adjournment (which is accordant to a lot of players aback its GMS). Could appear into play even added with the attainable ark link?

dSI/dSE on V-Matrix.

Pros: no charge to go through accouter alteration shenanigan, akin 1 nodes (which are simple to get) are appealing abundant akin 25 nodes (only access seems to be in duration).

Cons: continued cooldown, which can be a bother if you disconnect/run out of addict freezers while bossing. Takes up bulge slots.

With all that said, what is the best way to add dSI/dSE to your arsenal, postulating that you're almost at end game? Let's say akin 230, which would accord us 10 bulge slots. Aswell if there ARE any differences amid nebulite/equip potential/V-Matrix adapted skills, amuse do column them in detail.

I would alluringly run them on V-Matrix to accomplish allowance for an all carbon neb on cuff and added crit dmg/stat curve on glove. I'm akin 234 atm application SE neb and SI Bulge and will accept abundant allowance for SE bulge already I hit 235 + 2 added abilities afterwards V-Care releases in June.

If at some point they absolution abundant (useful) 5th job abilities that bulge slots wouldn't be attainable for adapted abilities my set up may change I'm abiding the Cooldown/Buff freezer affair is a bigger accord on reboot but I spent like a year affairs 3 addict freezers every day. I consistently accept like 500 on me and actually I just don't die that abundant added than a few at Lucid/Damien/Lotus per anniversary so active out isn't a concern.

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