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Jul-12-2018 Categories: news

There is 0 acumen to acquire that SW equips would not be able to adeptness 25 stars. The abandoned limitation on starforce is aloft equips and equips of Maplestory Mesos that dont acquire the adapted akin to adeptness 20 or 25 stars. Unless nexon america accurately changes these items Antipodal sweetwater will still be the best in slot.

This is because you can cautiously alteration bang 22 brilliant akin 150 equips assimilate your antipodal sweetwater to access 21 stars. This way you will annual off tyrant stars and the new starforce cap.

Wouldn't alteration bang override the aloft annual from transposition? JMS fabricated SW into dejected stars. Also, in accordance to their acclimation reasoning, SW shouldn't. But afresh JMS afresh fabricated it 25-starrable. That's the ambagious part.

Their acclimation acumen doesn't accomplish faculty though. They just said it could cause they don't ambition to fix it. Things such as aught weapon is accepting flamed break aswell, this acclimated to be a affair in KMS but KMS addressed it and anchored it. Are we bold Aught weapon a allotment of added non KMS equips are all just too op to be flamed?

The basal band is Nexon couldn't bulk out how to fix it or couldn't be agitated to and gave us a blanketed response, the aforementioned acumen why we can currently adapt bonfire if they claimed we couldn't. So application that as an altercation as to why we wont get 25 stars for SW isn't in actuality a able argument.

Id altercate if they were traveling to cap it why wouldn't they specify it in the appointment column advertence that the bonfire are intentional? As for the dejected stars, we've never had dejected stars in GMS, so that wouldn't happen, aswell if they are currently 25 starrable in JMS wouldn't that in actuality advance that ours would be rather than an altercation for it not accepting possible?

My capital affair is it makes added faculty to acquire 25 stars for sweetwater than bold Nexon would apparatus a arrangement that hasn't existed before. Of advance the association would adopt that they cap it but the communities assessment doesn't accomplish it added adequate to happen. For archetype the association would acquire adopted for gollux and sweetwater bonfire to work.

I of advance ambition us to be rid of sweetwater aswell. Id abundant rather play a bold breadth Abso and Arcane are endgame adjoin to rng trash. But at the end of the day I'm abiding Nexon is traveling to apparatus 25 stars for sweetwater.

Just could cause it logically makes added sense. I could see Nexon chief to about-face Sweetwater into aloft items like tyrants. That way they are capped at 15 but dejected stars aren't an option, and I don't anticipate they would be able to cipher a 15 brilliant limitation, which is apparently the aforementioned acumen why JMS acclimated dejected stars.

Maybe if they could apparatus it the way the apprenticed accident Abso weapons plan it would be an option, but I'm not in actuality abiding how achievable that is.