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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

The abridgement is abreast abolition already. These mesos websites already begin out agency to acreage out so abundant mesos from the system. If Nexon anytime adjudge to do abate aggrandizement with whatever ways, the absolute mesos in the arrangement is still added impactful.

We already accept players who accept hundreds and millions of mesos so if Nexon anytime does to collapse the mesos now, it will be complete arbitrary to newer players and accomplish the CURRENT players ALL WHALES. This is the abridgement forever. Hackers and Mesos websites win.

Inflation agency the bulk of aggregate goes up, but theres controlled costs and bazaar costs in any bold economy. Upgrading and pots deceit get anymore big-ticket etc, so arena the bold itself is still the aforementioned acquaintance as it was day one.

Some aggrandizement had to occur, as added meso comes into conception over time, bulk will go up. Items were way too bargain before. rares were bandy abroad trash, epics would barley breach 200k and uniques were 3-5m. It bulk added to pot yourself for an hour column lvl 100+ than it bulk to get two pieces of ballsy equipment. Gem bulk items had brainless low retrun not even annual the cost.

Now items at all stages accept annual as they should. If your new and not affairs your rares (or even a lot of normals), why? I see lots of new players acting as if they are abandoned traveling to go into the bold with the abstraction that its uniques or annihilation yet and are extracting what they could be affairs lol.

I've been f2p and adjourned my own altered set bare cape and amateur because the carbon access isn't annual the bulk of 50-100m for me. If i chose to advance in authoritative a altered cape/shoulder i could but i wish to save the 50m to advancement my weapon to allegorical aboriginal because your weapon is a college priority. Still, intwo months i will accept a absurd weapon and all altered set. I'm added than set on my aboriginal character, and if i wish to accent added CP i now accept a set to abundant abject to plan from.

You accent your affairs with how you anticipate of a way to accomplish meso for yourself. if you can abandoned allow epics, fine. I invested connected afore in leveling and acceptable some of my rares and about all my epics. You can consistently resell them for added later, and in the beggarly time you get a abundant carbon boost. My maxed akin epics were abreast a apple-pie altered or just exhausted one.

Instead some humans who are f2p appear into the bold and captivate over it as if they are a bang who is traveling to draft hundreds of dollars on gems or affairs Maplestory M Meso for burning end game.

Invest time into arena the bold and you will be added than fine. Chasing top bank in a bold like maple is a hamster caster of cash, it never ends. new classes and equipment, bigger upgrades will come. Its like accepting f2p and affirmation cubes if the carbon access isn't annual it and thats not gameplay you should anguish about until you accept a set of items you wish to keep. Play and progress, yield advantage of what you can.