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​MapleStory M - Top 3 DPS

news Sep-11-2019

​MapleStory M - Top 3 DPS

Can you guys advice to account in your assessment which are the... Top 3 DPS, Mobbing and all rounder?

Hello! Can you guys advice to account your assessment on which are the...

# Top 3 DPS

# Top 3 Mobbing

# Top 3 All rounder?

1, Shadower, Evan, NL

- Shadower's individual ambition is insane, Meso Explosion and Assassination. Evans individual ambition isn't great. NL's accept and will consistently authority their own.

- (NW will not accomplish this list, because if you're allurement these questions, you're traveling to wish to akin one of these up and no one wants a NW in a party. And I affected you're apropos to individual ambition Expeditions)

2, Phantom, Evan, IL

- Phantom and Evans both billow in abundance at 170. Evans feel apathetic unless they're application alloyed skills, and they're just affectionate of slow. Ice Lightning's are abundant at accomplishing okay. Unless you're absolutely adjourned they're not as abundant as what you'd expect. My assessment is based off of my 176 Phantom and 173 IL.

- I accept removed Shadower's actually off the mobbing account for one reason-they're as acceptable as NW's until 170. Nobody wants a Shadower in the party, and they accommodate nothing.

3, Evan, Phantom, NL

- You can't go amiss with a NL. They've been arrant for buffs, but they were never nerf'd. New classes came out that are bigger at added things, but all around, they're a abundant choice. Evans do abundant in SF, accurately multi targets. A Phantom is the KING of SF-way too abundant utility. They ache in Expo's, but so do a lot of added classes.

I've affected you're traveling to be active about with M Label and a Jaihin Weapon. I've aswell affected you're 7/7 Bang-up set. I've affected you're traveling to be BiS, with a few emblems. I've fabricated a ton of assumptions. If I am wrong, play what you enjoy, and stop annoying about what does "best", because you will not anytime be the "best".