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​MapleStory M - Shadowers

news Oct-21-2019

​MapleStory M - Shadowers

Anyone abroad anticipate shadowers needs a slight buff? I beggarly it's a able-bodied angled chic in my opinion. Just what are your thoughts?

Lol Shadowers are bigger than night aristocrat in every individual area, should re achieve the column allurement for night lords buffs lol!

Shadowers backlash ache hits harder per hit, buy cheap MaplestoryM Mesos and hits 1 added time than showdown,

shadowers individual ambition is the best in the game,

shadowers get meso bouncer which reduces accident you yield by 50%, and shadowers darksight is 4 abnormal best than night lords.

Shadowers smoke awning increases crit accident dealt to monsters inside.

Shadowers 170 aggressive - "Shadow Veil" hits a ample breadth and it lasts 10 seconds, hitting 10 targets at a time for 300% accident during that time anatomy and has a cooldown of 20 abnormal aback its alive for 10/30 seconds.

Night Lords aggressive - "Four Seasons" hits a baby ambit about the night lord, agnate to blemish blame area, about it's accessible to hit monsters on the belvedere aloft if it's abutting enough, it hits up to 10 targets 7 times for 392% accident instantly, And it aswell has a 20 additional cooldown, and Night Lords aggressive wont hit about as harder as shadowers, it does 3000% accident over 10 abnormal to one individual ambition in its ample area...

Only affair a Night Aristocrat can do that a shadower can't, is use blemish anathema - which is agnate to smoke screen, and if you put a aggressive point in the crit accident allocation afresh it's the alone skill that's bigger afresh it's counterparts (Shadower).

Buff Night Lord! Achieve its poisons accord added damage, accord showdown a added hit, or accord showdown added meso and acquaintance for targets accomplished by it (like in maple adventure global!).

I anticipate Four seasons could be better; my claimed abstraction - accept it admission a 10-20 additional addict that increases beforehand acceleration and leaves a debuff that lasts 20 abnormal on the target, abbreviation the enemies concrete armor. - this may be too abundant but I feel this would achieve night aristocrat ample a alcove and achieve them admired to any team.