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​MapleStory M - Shadower, Bonfire Wiz or Bucc

news Jul-15-2019

​MapleStory M - Shadower, Bonfire Wiz or Bucc

I'm accepting some problems cerebration which chic I should fund.

Blaze Wiz is rly air-conditioned but it's rly harder to armamentarium as the backbone amount is just crazily high. Furnishings r air-conditioned (probably why I best it XD) but it's not that op compared to added classes?

My Bucc is accomplishing vry able-bodied agriculture anywhere I put it. Snake Area, sf80, it's agriculture altogether afterwards any affair so I like it a lot.

Shadower is in actuality a chic that I played continued time ago on a absent account.. I still like it a lot as it's still in fact op but it's the weakest currently a part of my 3 classes.

Which chic should I in actuality advance n fund? I'm currently allotment bonfire wizard, but it's not too backward to bandy to bucc or shadower.

Blaze wiz if you acquire the backbone to get it to 141 they alpha to shine. Nexon mentioned in the application they will be adjusting all appearance abilities backbone amount too. BW acquire one of the best hypers.

Bucc is aswell great. Uses about no backbone afterwards akin 150. But added than their akin 150 aggressive addict they dont acquire an amazing 170 or aggressive passives either.

Bucc and Shadower are OP classes. BW is a actual artful class, but we shall see how they fix the AB mechanics. Appropriate now, it's a subpar chic due to its torn AB forth with batty backbone consumption.