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Jan-14-2019 Categories: news

I am an aboriginal amateur of MapleStory, I larboard him in mid-2011 to allot myself to added games, I alone had acquaintance and adeptness of the aboriginal versions and 187 levels with my abbey in Scania.

I arise to accomplish a altercation cilia to get up to date, ask some archetypal but all-important questions and in adjustment to accept a little added this adaptable maple ( which makes me absolute blessed to play it again ).

Note: Automatic Action is something that would accept been absolute advantageous in my days, Adduce 2009.


Server: NA-Scania

Class: Bishop

Lvl: 110

1. Is it bigger to beforehand in accessories or buy it ready? (Time: Money)

2. What is the best way to acquisition a brotherhood to accomplish dungeons.

3. What is the botheration with the aristocratic dungeon.

4. Absolutely what is the end bold ambition of the mobile? Fast dungeons, are we cat-and-mouse for some new amend with some PvP?

5. I accept advised the end bold accessory a lot. It would be acceptable to analysis it: Zakum, Eligos All-embracing and Shoes, Muspell Gloves, Noble Shoulder and Jaihin Wep.

Thank you in beforehand for the time to read, acknowledge and contribute!

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