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​MapleStory M - Mini Dungeon Auto: Leveling Comparison

news Nov-29-2019

​MapleStory M - Mini Dungeon Auto: Leveling Comparison

I'm new to the game, abandoned about 3 canicule in playing.

So far so acceptable and I'm abundantly adequate the game!

So as the appellation suggests, I've approved autoing for 30mins central the Mini Alcove if I was akin 30~40 and collapsed absolutely fast as per mobs gave about 1~2% EXP. I was leveling about 3~5 times per 30mins auto.

Later if I was about akin 70, I approved the Mini Alcove auto afresh as leveling via the quests slowed down a little bit. I noticed I was abandoned accepting about 0.15% EXP per mob and collapsed about already per 30mins.

Is it beneath able to auto in the Mini Alcove as I ability college levels? If so, area can I auto for acceptable exp? Yeow2012 told that:

For college akin players, the abandoned affair they do mini alcove is to bright the circadian coursing and agriculture accident tokens. Already the assignment is completed (about 3min for me), the alcove is absent and started over to coursing altered monsters.

If you wish EXP-efficient auto battle, I advance you to get your accessory to at atomic SF40 (edited), and attending for a affair in Star Force 40 maps from the alcove section.

Wait until your armors are able abundant to survive the college SF maps (survivability varies by jobs), afresh you can accept college ability in agriculture EXP from these auto battles.

Suggested Star Force Maps: (worst) 40 < 80 < 113 < 123 < 120 < 130 < 147 < 144 (best)