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May-22-2019 Categories: news

Just apprehensive what the best way of accomplishing a max SF allegorical weapon is?

I ask as I had 35 attempts endure night (using both the absorber & aegis annal at the aforementioned time) and did not administer to get a alone star. I was aggravating to go from 20SF to 21SF.

I accept that there is alone a 1% adventitious of success.

I accept about 60 absorber + 60 aegis left. At 20SF, should I alone be aggravating to access SF if I accept a advantageous annal (in accession to the absorber & aegis scroll)?

For those with SF academy than 20, any insight/tips on how you managed to access your SF to max would be abundant appreciated. I just feel I would be crumbling my endure 60 attempts if I was to accumulate aggravating afterwards any advantageous scrolls.

Maybe if you could aswell allotment an almost bulk of attempts to max SF (from 20 SF to Max), that would be absolute accessible as well.

All I can admonish is don't go all out on a alone day. Do maybe 5-6 a day and see how u feel. I usually stop if I get +1 star.

I acclimated 40scrolls to go from 24-28 but I advance it out beyond 1.5-2 weeks. I usually abort 4-5 in a row afresh I use LDS for my 6th. I get a lot of my passes that way.

It in fact comes down to luck, as some humans accept told u, MaplestoryM buy Mesos get the brilliant into the advantageous box a lot of of the time and if ur advantageous u will get a pass.

Don't blitz it, advance it over 2 weeks and do 5-6 a try if u feel good. My argumentation is that, luck gets counterbalanced out added if u advance ur attempts across. :) of advance that's just my opinion All the best dude.