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Dec-06-2018 Categories: news

Just hit akin 102 on my Aran. Analytic for a brotherhood and some gearing questions.

For the guild, i'm on Scania (America). I'm on usually every day. I'm not analytic to accept bags of requirements, just humans to babble with adhere with and affair up with.

Some questions:

1, I accept a Altered polearm, and accession altered polearm. My added accessory is just the ballsy accessory I got for hitting a assertive level. My weapon is 6 stars, my accessory is 5-7 stars (except for shoulder, belt, cape, accessories, those are all attenuate yet). So, should I akin both my weapons up and agglutinate them first? Should I akin up my ballsy gear, buy additonal ballsy gear, akin them up and agglutinate them first? Or buy ballsy accessories, shoulder, belt and cape first? Whats my adjustment of antecedence here?

2, Whats the best way to accomplish MapleStory M Mesos? Affairs the ballsy accessory I get from aristocratic dungeons? Affairs gear, leveling it up and fusing it afresh affairs it? Is that even profitable?

3, I never accept to get groups. It doesn't amount what alcove i'm in. In SF30 cipher anytime joins me, I allegedly can't accompany anyone else. Am I accomplishing something wrong? For Lord Pirate I anticipate there was abandoned 2 or 3 times I've anytime begin a group. Never was able to do Expedition or Monster Mashers as I can't get a group.

Great admonition here:

1)Focus on the weapon you're application for now. Fusing them will accomplish you stronger, but fusing two uniques calm costs 40mil, so you would allegation to save up mesos first.

2) Appropriate now, I candidly accept no idea, with all of the changes to the Trade Station, abounding players are disturbing to accomplish money. You could try affairs some akin 1 ballsy accessory for bargain and see how generally humans buy them, but buyers are bound to 10 buys per day, so it may yield a while.

3) You adeptness just be on a altered approach from others. You could aswell try axis on "View all channels" at the top of the brilliant force window. Click that, refresh, afresh attending again. The a lot of awash brilliant force maps at lower levels are sf30 and sf40, so if you can administer to get abundant brilliant force analysis sf40 as well. Afterwards you get stronger, jump beeline to sf80 because the maps in amid aren't that good.

As for expeditions, the best adventitious of award a affair is accepting on approach 1 (or with the glitches, whatever approach is the everyman amount on your server). And at your akin you will wish to focus on accustomed Zakum for the a lot of part. You can accompany accustomed Horntail and achievement the affair is able abundant to defeat it, but you will die a lot, so be warned. Pink Bean you shouldn't even anguish about for the time being. There is a afterlife counter, so if you die 5 times in Pink Bean, the bold will force you out of the map and you'll accept to try again.