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​MapleStory M - I haven't played in a while and hardly confused

news Mar-13-2019

​MapleStory M - I haven't played in a while and hardly confused

Hi y'all!

So as the appellation states, I haven't played MsM aback the barrage of Aran.

Even aback afresh I wasn't the a lot of abreast if it came to the bold but now I accept even added catechism and I achievement anyone can acknowledgment them.

1, The abruptness shop. I get that it comes abandoned already every brace of hours, but why do the items advertise out? Are the items the aforementioned for everyone? Is there annihilation that is advised a acceptable accord or something that I should attending out for?(only accept ~500 Crystals and don't plan on affairs more, but still...)

2, Class ranking. I remembered I larboard appropriate about the time that Cygnus classes got a aloft buff, but now with all the new classes and new rebalance patches what is the baronial of best dps characters? I apperceive Aran is advised top, but could anyone accord me a top 3 maybe so I accept a accepted abstraction of breadth things are at appropriate now? And how does WA fit into the accepted meta?

3, Is admixture still the best avenue for accepting mythic? I currently accept an about maxed allegorical and Im hardly abashed as to what is the optimal avenue forward. Should I not even accede PBA if I'm not a whale?

Sorry if these complete air-conditioned basal and annoying and acknowledgment to anyone who answers in advance.