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After the contempo Evan nerf. What is the a lot of recommended aggressive accomplishment to go for? I don't see the hotlink amid contempo Evan's nerf (which is on Backbone Burst) and aggressive abilities (which doesn't affect Backbone Burst).

But in any case, I don't anticipate there is a individual cookie-cutter accomplishment path. It actually depends on a few factors:- whether you ambition to prioritise mobbing in SF or bossing?- if mobbing is prioritised, which SF map (120, 123, 130, 133, 144, 147) do you generally go?- do you addict during bossing?

If you prioritise mobbing,SF 120, SF 144 and SF 147 are rather analogously - awful afar belvedere that apple dive can't calmly hit beyond two platforms. In this case, wind animation has added utility, e.g. college accident output, can beating aback (which is absolute accessible for SF 144 & SF 147). Appropriately you care to prioritise wind animation accompanying hypers, such as dragon breath-CD and wind breath-reinforce.

SF 123, SF 130 and SF 133 acquire attenuated platforms, which apple animation can finer hit mobs on added than 1 platform. In this case, apple breath-affix could accomplish mobbing added able aback it clears added mobs at the aforementioned time.

If you prioritise bossing, you allegation to accede whether you will be application buffs. Accustomed the top accomplishment accident of apple dive, it is absolute accessible that you will hit accident cap afterwards buffing. Will it accomplish faculty to prioritise apple dive reinforce (20%), or added hypers first?

Personally, I went the afterward path:

141 - apple dive CD

151 - apple animation affix

161 - wind animation reinforce (when i'm starting to alteration into SF147)

171 - dragon animation CD

181 - apple dive 20% (planned, but admiration is it even allusive accustomed that I do addict in boss)

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