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​MapleStory M - Daily dungeon

news Nov-24-2019

​MapleStory M - Daily dungeon

I spent 160 tickets on Daily Alcove today (don't ask my why or how).

80 tickets on Advantage 2 and 3 (Extra Jewel A, 10% on Jewel S) 80 tickets on Advantage 1 and 2 (Extra Jewel A, adventitious of Master/Lucky Jewel of A/S rank)

4 mil meso is acclimated in anniversary run and actuality is the result:

10 x Master Jewel A

9 x Rank S Jewel

8 modifications from added Rank S jewels

7 x Lucky Jewel A

640m meso (and added from fusing) spent

5 x Master Jewel S

4 x Lucky Jewel S

320 x Rank A Jewel

2 hours (almost) elapsed

1 big gamble, and...