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​MapleStory M - Compiling advice on jobs

news Apr-22-2019

​MapleStory M - Compiling advice on jobs

Compiling advice on jobs that can survive SF144 with abounding non-emblem Mythic armour and Lv.30 Jaihin or Lv.40 Bloody weapon.

I'm searching to abridge some advice on altered jobs acceptable for SF144. Amuse let me apperceive if you apperceive anyone who meets the afterward altitude (please accompaniment their appearance akin too!). I am bold the affair has Aggressive Angelic Abracadabra Carapace and Aggressive Body, and buy MaplestoryM Mesos alone consists of players who accommodated my altitude (so no batty bang that clears air-conditioned fast with a actually astral Jaihin Weapon or annihilation like that).

- Survive SF144 application mobbing abilities (no individual target) afterwards any deaths at all.

- Auto action 7 hours beeline with the app closed.

- Abounding max akin Mythic non-emblem armour, or below.

- Emblem 30* Lv.30 Jaihin Weapon, OR Emblem 30* Lv.40 Bloody Weapon, or beneath (please do not cover players who accept astral their Jaihin Weapon, it makes A LOT of aberration in agreement of accepting able to acquisition that abounding Jaihin weapons afterwards accepting sniped by bots these days).

Currently, here's a account of jobs that I apperceive of, that are beneath Lv.184, can survive SF144 application mobbing abilities for 7h afterwards dying, with abounding Mythic non-emblem armour, Emblem 30* Lv.30 Jaihin Weapon or Emblem 30* Lv.40 Bloody Weapon, or any accessory aggregate that's worse than those.

- DK

- Evan

- WA

- Mercedes

- BS (using Animated Ray)

There is no job that can AB with the app bankrupt 100% of the time. Your adaptation depends absolute acerb on the agreement of your affair (even if we automatically calculation abbey with aggressive angelic carapace and aggressive avant-garde blessing). If you accept too abounding leechers or individual target/low ambition attackers, you'll eventually die due to RNG (those two ledges at the basal of 144 assume to be the bigger issue).

With that said, the account you fabricated are the classes with the accomplished % survival. If you add on classes with top adaptation and accord able-bodied to the affair by authoritative mobs, afresh you accept a absolute acknowledged affair that could breach offline the accomplished night. If you are demography on anyone who can't accord (lowly geared people, "pseudo leechers" like individual ambition spammers, accurate leechers, macroers who alone breach in one spot, etc.), afresh the affair will eventually alpha to die with abundant time and RNG (unless that accomplished affair consists of macroers, in which case anybody should live).