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​MapleStory M - Comparison beyond all bandit class

news Aug-12-2019

​MapleStory M - Comparison beyond all bandit class

Thief Chic accessible as of 10/8/19: NL, NW, Shadower, Phantom.

Single target: Shadower ≈ NW > NL > Phantom.

Mobbing/multitarget: Apparition > shadower > NL >>>>>> NW.

Survivability: Apparition ≈ Shadower > NL >>>>>> NW.

Utility Wise: apparition > NL = NW = Shadower (No affair buffs)


1, Shadower-Top individual ambition DPS with acceptable mobbing, accomplished survivability, able adjourned andunfunded. Best bandit chic in my assessment as of now.

2, Phantom-Newest chic with accomplished mobbing and survivability with nice affair buffs, howeversingle ambition dmg is lacking. NL-Jack of all trades but adept of none. Absolute solid chic in every aspect and is an all-rounder.

3. NW-Top individual ambition DPS which is alone accessible backward bold at college levels with an accomplished mapwipe aggressive ability (Domination). However, Mobbing and survivability is in fact not there. Hardestthief chic to fund.