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​MapleStory M - Can Nexon addict warriors and nerf evan and mages

news Aug-23-2019

​MapleStory M - Can Nexon addict warriors and nerf evan and mages

So evan is torn af and these newbies with altered can somehow outdamage a legendary/mythic hero.

Honestly I don't even apperceive why to play hero or paladin, assasins and nl acquire added survivability than any warrior and acquire added dps too.

Please stop the antic account that "this is a PvE bold so no abuse to acquire an op class".

Let me ask you all, abnormally the Evan here: if tomorrow there is a new super-op chic accepting a accomplishment to 1-shot any affectionate boss, will you be happy? According to your argument, it will be a acceptable affair because you can chase them for easier expedition right?

The honest acknowledgment is NO, no one wants a new chic to be so baffled comparing their accepted favourite one, with the barring if they advancing to about-face to that new class.

Though this is a PvE bold FOR NOW, afterwards all, what is the point to body your appearance and absorb on this game? It is a faculty of achievement.

And breadth is the faculty of accomplishment if afterwards spending bags of dollars in this game, you still accord beneath than a bisected of accident comparing to a accidental F2P players just because the alterity in the jobs?

If they don't nerf Evan, they should addict all jobs to acquire 3 times of the accepted damage. I am absolutely accomplished with it, but I don't anticipate it is possible.

A added astute way to antithesis the jobs is to fix what is broken, in this case, is Evan's Earth Dive damage.

It's just bandwagoning. Maple is about block dps and seeing big numbers on your screen ( Maplestory M Mesos for a lot of people ).

Is it nice to see that no bulk how able you are, accession job will out dps you with lower gear? I do not accept how this affair is still up for agitation because this is a "pve" game.