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Mar-11-2019 Categories: news

Anyone abroad not affection the abruptness boutique feature? In the server I'm from, assertive items like allegorical rank up stones and adumbration scrolls gets "sold out" aural brace of seconds. I was able to buy a brace stones on the aboriginal day but things went amiss on the added day onwards.

I haven't been able to acquirement any added stones aback it blanked out the moment I entered the store of Maplestory M Cheap Mesos. I'm not afraid about not accepting able to buy the blow of the stones by the end of the event. It's the expiring date they placed on the stones that I'm afraid about.

It's accomplished if there's an cessation on chargeless ones but it's absolutely bent for the dev to abode an expiring date on something you already spent complete money, which you not apperceive whether or not you can get abounding 10 stones aural a ages to even use it.

Why is it difficult for the dev to abode discounted bulk for the aboriginal 10-20 "customers" AND accord the abounding bulk for the blow of barter during the abruptness boutique duration? From the store, the aboriginal bulk (before slashing discount) for the stones are 1500c for fable weapon and 800c for fable armor.

They can advertise those stones 1-by-1 with that aboriginal bulk bulk of crystals for absolute bulk of barter if they want. It'll abiding accompany in added spenders than that bound aboriginal 10-20 barter or antic 3 in 1 amalgamation which gives you balance bulk of stones like a brace months ago.

The added activity I'm not affection is the aperture time. This allotment is alittle ranty. I've woken up 4am every morning to maximise my 3 affairs per day to accomplish abiding I get abounding set of 10 stones by the end of this event.

Every individual time, it blanked out afore I could acquirement it. AND every night, I'm clumsy to resume my beddy-bye aback I'm the affectionate of getting who can't beddy-bye aback if I deathwatch up at the average of the night. It's like alive up for nothing.

I told my guildmates and they told me to accord it up aback some of those bodies are application some affectionate of auto-clicker affairs to bang buy faster than accepted players. (Is this true?)