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​MapleStory M - Admonition advance the game

news Apr-26-2019

​MapleStory M - Admonition advance the game

Was inquired to accomplish a analysis of gmsm to admonition advance the game. This column will be forwarded to devs so, what im allurement from you guys is a annual of things you wish to see included in the article. Maybe some added accident ideas, customization, farming, etc. I acquire a few annual i would like nexon to analysis but Maplestory M Mesos, i wish to apprehend from you guys as well. What would you like to see affective advanced from this update, nexon improve, add, abolish or fix?

More brotherhood activities. Still in atheism that our brotherhood comes calm to shoot cannons for 30secs and that's it. Would be nice to accomplish something agnate to the accessible PVP but for the accomplished guild. Or annihilation — sucks to acquire all of brotherhood appear calm for a bold that lasts beneath than a minute.

More things to do above the dailies and starforce. For those who acquire added time to allot to the game, there should be the adeptness to. With the accessible patch, chiral play would be abundant beneath advantageous than autoing (I acquire why) but there's gotta be things to do in bold besides the dailies, starforce, and account of brotherhood time. It's about as if humans are on artlessly to do dailies afresh log off. (It is.)

Damage counter. There's the accident calculator advancing up for expeditions but there should be a accident adverse in general. It'd admonition to be able to analysis variations of skills, equipments, buffs, etc and get solid abstracts on them. This wouldn't be abundant altered from the adverse in monster carnival, aristocratic dungeon, etc.

Please fix the auto accompany for parties. If parties abatement to 1-4, there should be some way for assorted parties of few players to automatically merge. It's careless to see it be hot time & there's 10 parties with 1 accepting each. Or any time.

Please acquaint if we're kicked. And amuse stop auto for us. Just like auto is chock-full if we die or run out.

God there needs to be added clothes & banknote items. I acquire royal. But why not aristocratic set furnishings + a aberration of clothes. There's gotta be a way to acquire anybody acquire styles they wish & get the set aftereffect (obviously with added cash). I beggarly an albatross cape, adequate shirt, pantless pants additional aristocratic set effect. The abstraction should be afflicted but the benefit should be the same.

With that said, there actively needs to be added array in banknote shop. This doesn't charge to be explained.

Elites. Accepted anger. You wish us to affair up, but how can we all accomplish if we're all strong?

Clearer instructions. I'm a bold dummy. But I'm not stupid. How can I possibly not acquire a bold until it's been played? Example: the accomplished blush bean event. There's gotta be a way to see instructions in game. Not in the aperture screen, etc.

There should be some way to buy added circadian tickets. It's just black to see that there isn't abundant to do above that. I apperceive aureate angel pulls accord circadian tickets but aureate angel isn't consistently here. Bulk of fact, put a abnegation about that says aureate angel pulls can be ANYTHING. Was addled to get aristocratic alcove tickets. Actually, why not just accumulate aureate angel and aristocratic styles fixed?

Can we amuse resell beat appearance items on TS? Why are they fixed? That's it for now.