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Mar-11-2019 Categories: news

Asia2Scania brotherhood recruiting allegorical weapon holders. We accept red cube appearance and searching for a few alive allegorical attackers to join.

We do circadian czak, hht and hpb. We are top 20 in brotherhood alcove and top 20-30 for melancholia brotherhood fort. We are a abutting family, and accord to the brotherhood in our own way.

Requirement is simple.

- Accept allegorical weapon and be akin 150+

- You accept to be alive and friendly.

- Be able to acquaint through whatsapp.

- Be able to appear on and grab appearance and do brotherhood alcove daily.

If you anticipate you can be a acceptable fit, amuse bead me message on reddit and I will see you on the added side.

And Whats the best way to accord anyone mesos and equipment? Is there anyhow to accord anyone mesos?

For Maplestory M Mesos, if they don't accept a different item: aboriginal annual a different for about its minimum bulk so it doesn't get calmly sniped (assuming they accept that abundant mesos, if not you accept to annual for about abundant they accept and achievement they're acceptable at sniping).

They buy the unique, afresh annual it for about abundant mesos you ambition to accord them. Afresh you buy the item. Don't do this for ample amounts or it looks like you're affairs mesos. Personally, I've abandoned done this already with 150m could cause I bare mesos on my added account.

For equipment, just annual it anywhere amid min and max so that bodies don't calmly abstract it (assuming it's annual way added than the annual price).

The added getting needs to accumulate auspicious the TS for up to 45 mins as it takes 15-60mins for an annual to be listed.