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Jun-05-2018 Categories: news

Hey everyone,

I've been agriculture on my suicide Kanna to armamentarium a droplet/node/meso agriculturalist aback about 2 months ago. With the contempo bubble coupons for Maplestory Mesos and 5 hours of Legion's Wealth anniversary week, I've fabricated about 30b and will allegedly acquire afterpiece to 40b by the July DMT.

Originally I was planning to armamentarium my old Kanna farmer, which has some accident rings and 3 set above + 3 set able Gollux as able-bodied as CRA gear. However, I acquire been apprehensive whether I should armamentarium a Lumi instead.

The above drawbacks to Luminous for me is that I don't acquire admission to a 2nd computer all the time (although I do acquire admission to a 2nd atone about ~70% of the time I play, so it's not that bad), and that it's currently actual under-geared compared to my Kanna (no CRA, Gollux prequests not even done, no accident rings, etc).

However, it's not like I absorb all my time in-game farming, and I acquire abundant time to get my Lumi appropriate accent afore the accessible DMT, so I've been debating whether it would be astute to advance in a Lumi instead.

Two questions came to apperception if debating. The aboriginal is how abundant Kanna ante lag abaft Lumi's. I acquire Lumi accompany who accomplish 600m at CLP afterwards Wealth Acquisition pot and Legion's Wealth, and 900m/hr with both of those. I don't acquire any accompany who acreage on a Kanna at CLP but I've apparent one column on this subreddit assuming that they accomplish 500m/hr clean.

That 100m/hr aberration is appealing cogent because that I'll be agriculture for hundreds of hours in the action of agriculture droplets. I was apprehensive if any added Kannas had ascribe on their ante at Arcana.

Secondly, I wish to apperceive how able Lumis are if it comes to agriculture maps, because affairs are that I'll absorb a lot of time agriculture in addition maps aback CLP is consistently so full. I anticipate Kannas can acreage absolutely able-bodied in added maps such as LP1/LP2, and I was apprehensive whether Lumis are just as acceptable in these maps as well.

Imo it depends how able-bodied the kanna can annihilate the mobs if spirit's breadth is up. lumi is bigger because you're just afking acute absorption to annihilate the map. While as kannas use tengu bang can alone annihilate two platforms. But at atomic if you acreage as a kanna you dont charge a additional atone for kish xd.

Can't kish yield affliction of the 3rd belvedere if it oneshots? Or is it not realistic?

Very unrealistic, clp mob hp in reboot is like 510m hp and kishin is a 120% accident arouse that doesn't crit and doesn't even acquire a accession node, but accumulated with blackhearted anathema it does bright the bot every few seconds.

So it kinda depends on how able the kanna is.

If both kishin and blackhearted anathema (and monkey spirits) all had accession nodes CLP ante would be a lot bigger for kannas (I don't accept why they don't. Aback every added accident ambidextrous accomplishment in maplestory has a accession node.).