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May-18-2018 Categories: news

Hello everyone, HyRinn from the EU server here! Now that the CBT is over and I accept annihilation to do I assumption I'll column some advice about me and my Trophy advance to adeptness #1 Maplestory 2 Mesos.

My ambition at the alpha was never to collect, blitz or become the top amateur on the server. During the aboriginal day I was just messing about and was AFK for some times to adjournment for my accompany to bolt up to me so we could play together.

One of my accompany that commonly doesn't play these kinds of amateur capital to yield a breach and play some added amateur so I went and played with them. I anticipate I was at about akin 30~ during the aboriginal day and went with the capital adventure to akin 50 on the additional day.

The aboriginal affair I did was apparently to aggregate as abounding Stars as I could which as you may apperceive doesn't in actuality accord any Trophies. I managed to aggregate abounding of them but couldn't do things like Fishing and Ore acquisition Stars because I never did any leveling on them at all.

This is apparently if I absitively to alpha traveling for Trophy hunting instead. On day 3 I was rank 25~ or something on the leaderboard. I connected to bullwork and got rank 6 on day 4. On day 5 I managed to grab 2:nd abode on the leaderboard accepting 12 Trophies abaft the rank 1 player. On day 6 I assuredly had the rank 1 atom on the leaderboard!

I kept cutting air-conditioned harder and went way above anybody abroad and at the endure leaderboard amend day I had 818 Trophies. Even if that day was the endure time the leaderboard adapted I still absitively to acreage as abundant as I could until the server went down.

My final Trophy bulk landed on 835 Trophies. The bulk of Trophies that I had was so big that whichever top 3 brotherhood I abutting would appealing abundant become the rank 1.

I don't in actuality apperceive if humans are absorbed in this but if anyone accept any questions, feel chargeless to ask!

If I didn't apperceive breadth to acquisition it and couldn't acquisition annihilation if accomplishing a quick seek for it, I'd just skip it. Things that was simple (Swiming/Rope Hanging/Jumping/wall-Climb) was already at top rank and to get the Trophies I would accept to absorb too abundant time on them so it was a instant-skip.

There was a lot of simple things such as bistro berries that could be bought from the NPC's. There was 3 of them and they all had 4-5 medals each, that is a absolute of 12-15 medals that was air-conditioned simple to get.

Buying the cheapest mounts from Tria, Kerning, Ellinia, Perion etc. would aswell accord about 6-8 fast Trophies. I didn't play PvP until abundant after but that one gave a lot of Trophies no bulk if you win or lose.