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Jun-12-2018 Categories: news

Does anyone apperceive how abundant the Founders packs cost? Or about how abundant they costed in kms2 or cms2? Nexon is a coinsion $ company, translators bulk is annihilation tho them.

It still bulk money, you don't get acknowledged by corruption money(Ms Mesos sale).AND if you anticipate 33k is nothing, afresh your added advantaged than you think.Plus they just wont appoint just ONE translator, they would apparently acquire a team.

Thats just the translator team, brainstorm how abundant it bulk for the Dev aggregation and coders to handle bugs. them tech monkey ain't cheap.

I don't understand, YOU of all bodies would apperceive the abhorrence of abacus something new in a build. Like bold breaking abhorrence and abandoned to acquisition out that a brainless primative geometry was the could cause of the trouble.

1,MS2 is replacing one of Nexon's bigger banknote beasts in Asia. They're not hiring Fred the Accidental from McDonalds off the artery to physique this. We're talking $$$ and somewhat superior engineering.

2, MS2 is MEANT to be localized to a bajillion regions. You can bet your ass they anticipation about North America / Japan / SEA / China / Korea from the arena up.

3, Therefore, alteration argument (or even the chat copse themselves) isn't a high-risk play. "Changing argument can breach our akin geometry" would be a huge WTF. If that's accidentally a risk-factor 3 years afterwards KR launch, that's a huge show-stopper.

AND what do you beggarly "boatloads of engineers". you apperceive that they are attenuate as hell and big-ticket to hire.

Yes, which is why Nexon America is aboriginal and foremost a publisher. Publishers broadcast - they don't physique the bold (though they ability physique acknowledging casework about it or for centralized use... or accessory extensions).

Beyond that, it's ridonkulous to anticipate they're afraid about translations bistro up the aggregate of their annual (compared to aggregate abroad abiding edit: QA, association management, moderation, cartoon designers, hr, PMs, sysadmins, marketing, belvedere engineering, legal, finances... like jesus, just go to LinkedIn and seek "Nexon America" and Maplestory 2 Mesos see how abounding bodies they charge to employ, or attending at their careers page).

If Nexon America thinks "Oh, maybe translations aren't annual it because they'll bulk too abundant of what we'll get back" they're not shipment the goddamn game. This isn't some accidental beam bold uploaded by some accidental dude in his basement to miniclip.