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Sep-06-2018 Categories: news

I'm a accidental player, akin 111, amphitheatre 2-3 weeks. A lot of of my apparatus are epic, weapon is abutting to altered just abbreviate of 2k leafs.

I anticipation a lot of players advancement their accessory through fusing. I alloyed my blue-blooded accept to altered , and was cerebration of accomplishing the aforementioned for the blow of my gears. What i didn't apprehend was that fusing gives you accidental annual (ex: blue-blooded accept ->royal shoulder). I admitting in fusing, the abject annual was kept, but rank was upgraded. Seems like i'm wrong. Now I'm abashed how humans advancement their gears. Acreage mesos and buy from TS?

I apperceive some of you guys accomplish alternating account, but I don't get that. Do you accomplish alternating for the dust? what about the leafs? If you fuse, how you apperceive which outfit/shoes and etc you will end up getting?

I don't do alts, I abhorrence agriculture characters. I abandoned fabricated four added characters of anniversary job for fun and collapsed anniversary to 100, it didnt yield long.

With my capital I run my 5 characters circadian in the lvl 95 aristocratic alcove hard. You can run 4 times per appearance a day in the dungeon. 5 if you get into a alive brotherhood that has abundant circadian appearance analysis in's to acquire an added access admission daily.

That's 25 ballsy weapons/armors a day. Even if you get annihilation but the everyman amount junk, that's 5 actor meso a day accumulation (it should be added depending on server). That abandoned will let you acreage abundant for uniques but candidly it's cheaper to accomplish your own.

The aforementioned alcove will accord either ballsy weapon or armor crumb depending if you baddest accustomed or hard. Typically 3 to 6 powders a run.

Use the admiral to advancement two ballsy weapons or armors (same class, EG a agents and agents = staff).

Max akin your two epics, agglutinate them and see what altered you get. Accepting any altered will Plan carbon wise. Afterwards that if you wish a assertive altered for a assertive carbon you can akin added epics and fuse, advertise and repeat. Accomplish abiding you don't accouter any ballsy your leveling or you'll accept to buy scissors.

If you wish added burning achievement you can buy the 500k meso abundance boxes. Advertise the epics, augment all the attenuate and accustomed items into the ballsy annual your leveling.

Remember to advancement your weapon first, gloves/overall/hat/shoes second. Shoulder/cape third. Accept and cape are the atomic helpful, you abandoned get def and MP, the Crit ATK and Crit Rate benefit from assertive capes/shoulders is added of a endure concern. Belt dosent bulk as your traveling to netts alcove for a altered abiding belt.

Save your leaves for advance your weapon to allegorical and your basically done. Any upgrades afterwards is for your amusement as the agreeable in bold in actuality doesn't crave college stats.

As F2P, its not annual it accomplishing annihilation abroad now already added than just lvling up, accomplishing dailies and agriculture gold leaves.

Start flipping the barter station. If you accept little Maple M mesos, cast max lvl epics. Theres a amount ambit in every server. If your server's max ballsy is 35-45m, buy annihilation beneath 35m and advertise 45m. Already you accept abundant maplestory m mesos, cast max lvl uniques. The amount ambit is even bigger, from 200m-300m. Buy annihilation beneath than 200m and advertise 300m. i started w 100m and in 3 canicule i accept 1.5coinsion.