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Aug-03-2018 Categories: news

For training I approved both and I adopt bowmaster because of the bendability in mobbing. Marksman afterwards breach attempt is beneath acceptance in how they mob. Bore has a in actuality baby vertical ambit so if you're an idiot like me. Jump attacks can absence the mobs. Bowmaster aswell accept airy wind breadth the vertical ambit is like a mini abounding map advance which is what I adopt rather than a accumbent advance that marksman have Maplestory Mesos.

For bossing marksman in actuality accept the bigger bend over bowmaster due to how they're able to mob and account from the gms acceleration cap. Just searching at apprehensible bowmaster accept a harder time to accord with her and the golems. Marksman can use bore and still accord a appropriate bulk of blow due to admission in blow afterwards anniversary ambition hit.

Marksman will aswell accept beneath maintenence in buffs breadth as bms will accept to brushoff added every 30 seconds. During added appearance its in actuality easier to bandy abstract at her than to authority down hurricane. Marksman aswell mechanically accept added bureau to survive. Bowmaster accept claret arrows to consistently be up in hp but it sacrifices dps. Marksnan accept blow assimilation and an I frame.

For me the all-embracing acquaintance I still chose bm because marksman training isn't for me. And bm admitting the buffing in bossing is still fun for me. Marksman will hit college curve so it's fun already and a while.

Mobbing: Marksman is a bigger mobber if breach is up. During breach down time they aren't the best with vertical mobbing.

Bowmasters are bigger connected mobbers but crave connected bureaucracy of arrow blaster

Bossing: Marksmen accept added aegis mechanisms (their orb/ abstain skill/ the anchor) and bigger abstain def from snipe. They are added of a tanky ranged antagonist and appealing simple and able to bang-up with. They aswell account added from the gms acceleration cap.

Bow masters accept nice connected dps and do able-bodied with advancement but crave a LOT added maitenance with managing abilities for optimal dps.

My OPINION would be that marksman is a bigger bosser because of the chic mechanics and because they hit a lot harder bold the aforementioned funding.

That accepting said, bowmasters are not abhorrent and book able-bodied for a dps chic with connected damage.