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May-15-2018 Categories: news

Hey guys! Allegation some admonition compassionate Hayato. Although I've played Maple on and off aback boilerplate academy (now an admission chief in college), I feel that I haven't paid absorption to arena strategically of Maplestory Mesos.

Even if I mained Angelic Buster I acquainted that I wasn't as able as I should be. I mostly do recommended quests and advancement my equips forth the way and enhance my equips with scrolls and starforce if I get the chance, but I've never put added anticipation into it.

There are bound posts that acknowledgment my questions about Hayato (nothing from 2018 at least) so I'm apprehensive if anyone could amuse admonition me out! My affair is that I feel WEAKKK and that I absolutely did something amiss forth the way. I'm about to accomplishment final exams and I allegation something to do this summer!

Here are some questions that I've got!! Pls help! Even if you can acknowledgment just one of my questions I would acknowledge it greatly!! I'm acquisitive to strengthen my compassionate of Hayato and accept a bigger plan for extensive endgame!

Also if you apperceive of any advantageous hotlink and videos amuse forward them my way!

1, At lvl 163 my accident in my stats say 27457~35291. Is that accustomed or cool weak? If cool weak, what can I do to plan on it? Or what is a big contributer to accretion my dmg ambit that I can plan towards?

2, Is my aggressive carbon allocation okay? (Currently I accept 5 crit dmg, 5 avoid def, 5 dmg, 3 bang-up dmg)

3, Am I traveling the appropriate administration with my equip? Pensalir hat, overall, gloves, boots and cape. Helm is the alone one with stars (4). Sweetwater Katana (no enhancements, absolutely clean) and accessory weapong is the Lake Monster Blade. Reinforced Engraved Gollux Pendant (4 stars): Bought this off the bargain abode cuz realistically I don't apperceive area to get this from nor do I accept a adventure for it. Reinforced Engraved Collux Belt: Aswell from bargain house. No abeyant but I acclimated up its enhancements and added a brilliant force. Rings: Argent Blossom Ring, 8 Blessing Ring, Ephenia's Ring Other: Gold Crescent Emblem, Halfinger Expedition Badge, Colossal.

4, I'm currently accomplishing Henesy Ruins and Temple of Time but I acquisition myself ashore because I die generally or use up potions absolute bound to accumulate myself alive. I currently don't apperceive what to do so I'm just blind out with Mutant Snails until I get 3 familiars.

5, How the heck to accomplish mesos!! I currently accept 36 mil and I'm aggravating to advertise things in the auction, but the a lot of I can accomplish on weapons is like 1 mil. As anyone who has Herbalism, Alchemy, and Mining, should I just abstract accessories and advertise them in the bargain abode or something? Ugh.

6, On that note, does anyone await on herbalism and abracadabra for their potions? I'll autumn every now and then, but sometimes I'll adhere out in Ardentmill and autumn until I accept abundant to accomplish like 500 potions. Is there any bigger way to do this?

7, I accept an Epic Adeptness of STR +19, All Stats +6, STR +10/INT+5. I accept 141620 account exp larboard but I'm capricious about resetting these stats. Which ones should I lock, or should I jsut displace them all til I get a allegorical ability?

8, Quests that are in the Maple Mailbox: Even if it says (Low Akin Quest), should I still do them? It's annoying that they're consistently in my mailbox and I can't assume to get them to go away! Ex: Dark Swamp Region, Liji Helps the III, What's Quaking, A Plain In Crisis, and Fly In the Sky.

9, I affectionate of accept the abstraction of "funding" a character. Is there an able way to armamentarium Hayato? Or am I too backward aback I'm akin 163.

10, In commendations to my equipment, my plan was to enhance with 70% STR scrolls, and afresh starforce to at atomic 5 stars and plan my way from there. I haven't advised annihilation apropos nebulites aback I haven't gotten any of those anyway, but I do use Occult Cubes and Master Craftman's Cubes if I get the chance. What's adverse me from continuing is that I've run low on Spell Traces. Are there added means about this?

11, Aswell in commendations to accessories I accept now, is it accept to activate advance in advance them? I bethink anyone on Youtube adage to accept at atomic 6% STR abeyant in all equips. Does this complete correct?

12, Also, I apperceive Backbone is an important carbon to Hayatos. What do you anticipate is second, third, fourth, etc important? I ambition to body my Hayato calmly so I ambition to accomplish abiding I'm searching out for the appropriate stats.

13, I await on the Auto-Assign button to admeasure my stats. I'm appealing abiding they were all just traveling into STR, but has anyone benefited from accomplishing otherwise?

Guild status: I'm not in a brotherhood (bc of school. I wasn't alive abundant so I didn't ambition to be an abeyant player) I apprehend that it's absolute accessible to be in one, but I feel that I am so anemic that I wouldn't be an asset to a guild. If I were stronger I'd be added assured in abutting one alive that I'd be of some use. (Am I getting too affecting lol)

Monster Park: So far this is the alone affair I apperceive that gives me cogent acquaintance in a abbreviate aeon of time. I candidly abhorrence that they removed the aspect of admission drops from monsters and that you now accept to pay through the banknote boutique to enter Maplestory2 Mesos. So realistically I do these 2 times a day. (if anyone has ascribe on means about this, I would appreciate!)

Anyway, if you apprehend my atypical of questions, acknowledge you for demography the time. I'm absorbed in acquirements new means of abutting this game, abnormally how I should alpha arena appear endgame. Any ascribe is appreciated.