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Sep-13-2018 Categories: news

Night Walker vs Night Lord, after-effects and thoughts... So I've assuredly hit through Akin 100 on my Night Walker, Akin 114 on my Night Lord, both accepting abounding Altered max levels gears. I'd like to point out the differences amid these two class, absolute me if I'm wrong:

Night Lord


- Huge Absolute SKILL DMG % with Quad Star at Akin 10 (1377.2%)

- TWO Amnesty Skill

- Appropriate mobbing accomplishment with Show Down that guarantees abiding damage.


- Contempo Nerf (not abiding if intended) with Quad Star and Show Down's Advance Speed. Absolutely affecting DPS in the continued run.

- Mobbing accomplishment Show Down's casting time are best than NW's mobbing accomplishment Adumbration Spark, cogent if adverse top akin monsters who could knockback.

- Characterless Acquiescent with Venom accouterment low ascribe on all-embracing DPS.

Night Walker


- Solid Addict accomplishment Dark Basal which provides all-embracing addition on DPS, absolutely the capital bureau of how NW's DPS SHOULD BE college than NL, accept yet to analysis the absolute abstracts with aloft apparatus though.

- Quintuple Stars admitting accepting the lower absolute SKILL DMG % at Akin 10 (1116.8%) compared to Quad Star, the added stars and Adumbration Servant would actuate and assemblage up the Dark Basal addict accomplishment as advised to admission all-embracing DPS.

- Added Acquiescent abilities that addition NW's survivability with EVD %, BOSS DEF % and Max HP %.

- Admission Animate accomplishment of Black Ascending, will animate with abounding HP while on baleful blow, but has a continued Air-conditioned Down of 30 MINUTES.


- Weak, Alone and Unstable mobbing accomplishment at Akin 60 Adumbration Spark that requires bigger accession to actuate the Shuriken's Explosion in adjustment to do TWO hit counts damage. If accession is anemic it's consistently bisected the accident at 197.6% if it passes through the ambition and doesn't explode.

- ONE amnesty skill, appropriately await on abounding EVD accessory in adjustment to admission UP TIME for added all-embracing DPS during bossing.

Additional Cons abject on my own opinion

- Shitty Jumping action compared to NL.

- No addict accomplishment on 4th Job is kinda sad.


What are the absolute differences in DPS amid NL's Adumbration Partner and NW's Adumbration Servant? With NW's Adumbration Servant I see absolute hit counts from it mimicing skills, appropriately should proc added on our Black Basal buff, what do you guys think?


Just ran Zakum and Horntail as Akin 101 NW, the DPS isn't absolute cutting and NL seems to accept a college DPS. Asked my server Asia 2 Union TOP 1 Akin 105 Night Walker with Mystic Weapon, he too feels NL is a little bit better, anybody has agnate experience?

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