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Feb-12-2019 Categories: news

I've been arena for a appropriate amount, im authority 27 and accept a +15 ballsy weapon and a akin 25 pyross fard. I've austere a lot of endgame agreeable like ncdev and ncmoc and accept a 5 set allegorical accessories with +10 enchantments.

However if i approved to do ludibrum alarm belfry no affair wants to do it with me? I do about 50million accident in ncmoc and they apprehend me to do about 4 times that?

People accrue cogent me that i charge a akin 50 ballsy pet contrarily i wont do any accident but it seems like a hoax, because my acquaintance who i do ncmoc with has an akin 50 ballsy pet and he does beneath afresh me?

My acquaintance is a charlatan and he has akin 50 ballsy pet and im bandit and accept akin 25 dejected and no cpap affair wants us? How appear the accident requirements in fact quadruple from ncmoc to ncpap?

I'm rlly abutting to abandonment i dont apperceive what to do, I feel like these pretsige 100 players are all application those cheats my accompany accept been cogent me about, its abandoned to apprehend to do 200million damage?

A brace of things. You've just started arena this bold a ages ago and are already lvl 30 prestige. If you get 1 authority a day, those that started 3 months afore you if the bold clearly launched will be at lv100 authority already.

Second, the acumen why the dps analysis quadrupled is because you're traveling from ncmoc to cpap. If you should be traveling from ncmoc to hdev to hmoc to cpap. The dps appropriate for hdev is about 80-90m. The dps for hmoc is 120m and the dps for cpap is 180m.

As for your accident and ballsy pet. A max lvl ballsy pet gives about a 40 percent admission from benefit advance alone. While a dejected pet gives 20. The acumen for your low dps could be a bulk of factors. A lot of acceptable it's the abridgement of gems, aback your annual is circadian new and abridgement of benefit attributes such as bang-up dmg, affray accident or absolute damage. Acute is good, but you shouldn't just focus on piercing. A 2.5 bore ring avalanche in allegory to a 1.9 bore 2percent affray dmg ring.

Overall, try to get an ballsy pet asap, they are in fact important just for the benefit advance alone. Slowly plan on your gems and benefit attributes on your accessories and armor. Try to get bang-up dmg/main stat/ concrete advance on your armor.

And a aggregate of pierce, bang-up dmg, affray dmg on your accessories. Farm treva to access absolved str and benefit advance gems and advancement those. Stop advance benefit advance gems at T5, and try to aim for 2-3 str gem at t10.

Also try to do the sky breastwork boom that gives weapon boxes. Accepting a allegorical weapons advice gives you a dps boost, Maplestory 2 Mesos but afterwards those added stats you still will not be accomplishing 200m+ acceptable luck my friend!