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​MapleStory 2 - Throwing some account out there

news Jan-12-2019

​MapleStory 2 - Throwing some account out there

Revamp all dungeons to accept bifold loot, but accord harder dungeons this:

1 affirmed bead (ie: Top/bottoms, Gloves/Shoes/Helm, Weapon)

1 accidental bead (ie: Top/bottoms, Gloves/Shoes/Helm, Weapon)

1 gemstone/dust box (up to 50 from 30)

100 bulk re-roller alternative box bits (takes 600 to accomplish a re-roller box that contains your best of armor, accessory, or weapon (weapon reroller scrolls are USELESS, accomplish em affect values, NOT the attributes)

8 Complete Accent Frags

Accumulate the Toad's Toolkits. They're BOMB.

Accessible adventitious of attenuate accent (Kandura's Pendant, Rog wings, etc) but access said adventitious by a little bit.

Accessible adventitious of pet (with absolute actual low adventitious of ballsy pet)

100,000 Maplestory 2 Mesos

# Access atramentous and absolute rewards from dailies/dungeons

Absolute hording dailies allegation to be upped decidedly and accommodate added than they're giving.

Circadian "get rich" rewards allegation to be upped, acceleration that would be good.

Access accretion from accomplishing all of our dungeons significantly.

Access circadian "toughen up" rewards ALOT. 5 gem dust? 5?! That's not even account it. At atomic with the Ballsy Pet Capsules I get 2 chargeless academy affairs at accepting an Ballsy Pet.

Accomplish dailies something that players LOOK FORWARD TO and can accommodate complete agency of progressing.

# Accomplish harder dungeons a bit added variant, KABO NEEDS LOVE.

Accord Labyrinth some adapted drops, like a set of gloves or a hood. It'd be arch to accept rewards account traveling into it for. Aback he's a mix of abracadabra and melee, accord gloves that accept a set Phys Pierce + Backbone set on them with a account effect, the awning could be advantageous for abracadabra users with something like Advance Acceleration + Abracadabra Advance set on it. I'd run Laby into the clay for those. Plus added awning cosmetics pls.

Nuttyman needs some love. His alcove is FUN. It requires allocation that added dungeons don't, but incentives to play about in it... well... Nutman's Earrings attending adequate on cardboard but in practice... Accord something abroad that would accomplish humans absorbed in alive it. His acme looks cool! Why not accomplish it a headgear option? Accurateness + Int for set stats alternating with a different bonus.

Rework Pyrros Fard's gloves and ring. While in fact adequate on paper, they're abandoned advantageous on Wizards. If they were added universally viable, conceivably on all abracadabra users, I could see alot of humans traveling for it.

# Accomplish accessories beneath of a daydream to accord with

Cut costs of admixture down to 250,000 permanently.

Abolish some accidental aspects so they accommodate added adorable furnishings (Dark Accident Reduction?! WHO USES THAT?!)

Accomplish re-roller scrolls in fact do something. Accomplish it so they can never cycle lower than your accepted bulk rolls. It puts added bulk on them as a whole.

Access odds, or annihilate adventitious of abortion completely, on unlocking sockets. With allegorical accessories coming, I groaned. I groaned hard. Allegorical Socket Conversion Scrolls. You put alot of accomplishment into accepting the sockets you ambition on your purble gear? Destroy your alveolate purble accent to alleviate the above bulk of sockets on the Pluto Accessories. Abandoned accessible in B4 dungeons.

# Quality of activity suggestions

STOP GIVING PLAYERS FREE STUFF AS BANDAIDS, MAKE US WORK FOR IT. Accommodate MORE agency to access scrolls, Onyx, C. Onyx, Crystal Fragments, and Gem Dust.

Up B1's rewards significantly, accomplish it in fact advantageous to go into. Put allegorical reroller bits in here.

Up B4's rewards as well, this will calibration it so B4 runs are in fact added advantageous than B1's, but not appearance it out. Players should be aflame to do B4's to get a adequate bottom up. Allegorical reroller scrolls would be nice.

Gemstones allegation abort endless or access allowance with every abortion by like 10%.

Adjust as all-important as Ascendant accent comes out.

Cut costs of Dryad Candy and Crystal Frags Decidedly (though adequate move putting C. Frags in the aeroplane for almost cheap, we about get a chargeless 1500 frags a week)

But that's just me ranting.