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Nov-07-2018 Categories: news

Does affray accident affect abutting ambit abilities on priest? I've been told that those wings are BIS for priests, but there are a scattering of bodies that don't anticipate the Holy Bang avalanche in the affray class even admitting it's labeled *close range*. What do you guys think?

I accept the wings are too abundant agitation for too little gain, but isn't bang the capital antecedent of DPS and any added antecedent is negligible compared to it?

Holy Bang is our capital antecedent of DPS, yes. Holy Relic aswell does abundant accident and Angelic Ray is a huge nuke on a abbreviate CD if you accomplished it for 8/10; however, I am not abiding of the breakdown amid the three throughout the advance of a fight, so I could not acquaint you for sure, but I would anticipate their accident breakdown percentages appear the end would not be as abundant as you adeptness anticipate if you were alive a DPS-oriented build, but Holy Bang would be on top every time afterwards a doubt. I just in fact would not say Holy Relic and Angelic Ray are negligible.

Sanctuary and Scourging Wave aswell accord acceptable damage, but Sanctuary has the check of a ample CD and there is no absolute acumen to yield Scourging Wave at the moment.

Holy Bang ends up accepting the capital and bigger antecedent for a lot of Priests because a lot of of them are alive accepted alleviate builds with 10/10 Holy Blast, so it becomes appealing abundant their abandoned absolute DPS adeptness as it is the a lot of spammed.

Even at 1/10, Angelic Ray still provides a appropriate bulk of DPS if acclimated on CD, but it would in fact be negligible in this case compared to Holy Blast.

It would be abundant easier to see breakdowns throughout the advance of a action if MS2 had a bigger and added function-filled DPS meter.

EDIT: I never in actuality addressed your catechism in fact from the OP, but from what I understand, affray accident % modifiers do affect both Holy Relic and Holy Blast. Maygi even lists it as a appropriate carbon for the belt (and abandoned the belt) if alive a Holy Bang build.

I'm not OP, but will in fact do tests if we accept a bigger DPS meter. I don't use Angelic Rays for DPS admitting and usually BIU BIU my ranged teammates, allegedly because I'm new and not arena with players that apperceive how to abstain damage. If it hits bang-up the bulk isn't absolute absorbing in my case if demography CD into consideration, aswell the action is long. But tests are bare to be sure.

Yeah, alive 1/10 Angelic Ray is not all the absorbing apropos accident per CD. Best use would be able to band up the advance in a way to hit both the bang-up and the teammate, Maplestory 2 Mesos but that is not consistently traveling to happen.

Honestly, I accept mostly alone Angelic Ray for now in HM dungeons because I acquisition it to be rather clunky, abnormally if ranged are bouncing about often. I acquisition it easier to position myself amid the three DPS in a way that Celestial Blessings hits all three as this aswell makes abiding they accept the accident addict up 100% of the time.