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Nov-28-2018 Categories: news

Demanding On Priests, not as simple as it seems. Can some accomplished priests accord some tips on the antithesis and how to manage?

I was just apprehensive if anyone abroad feel the aforementioned about added players accepting in actuality ambitious on priests? Or at atomic the role accepting not as simple as it seems.

I acquire alone started arena for beneath than 2 weeks (around 50 hours specifically) and assuredly gotten to 56. I acquisition that soloing is appealing easy, becase you alone acquire your own bloom bar to see and afresh mainly absorption on fighting. But if I started accumulation dungeon-ing (hard chance only, I acquisition accustomed chance added fun or Maplestory 2 Mesos arduous to solo) to try to accretion acquaintance in arena as a accumulation additional aggravating to apprentice about the new bosses, I get humans whom are rather beggarly with anyone who is acutely acquirements the trade. Like I'm not adage that they're basically baking on anyone who is new or bad with playing, but rather alone the amateur priest. For instance, I can see that the added players are new too or amateur (e.g. not accomplishing abundant damage, keeps dying because not able to apprehend the administration patterns) but they're some added chic and because they're soley-attack classes they don't get alleged out or "shit" allocution on by their skills. This which I acquisition in actuality unfair.

Like I apperceive as priests we're acquire to alleviate and attack, but like it's arduous to do it all at already (watch the boss, party, own activity & spirit), abnormally the party... tiny humans jumping everywhere. And aswell the actuality that humans basically bits on you or alarm you out if they apprehend a able priest that ensures their abounding bloom at all times, additional buff, additional attack, oh don't forget, they appear first.

e.g.1 At the alpha of pyro alcove like in actuality beneath than bisected a minute into the game, I alone started with basal healing adoration because the added players didn't assume to acquire abundant damage, and I was planning to save some spirit to do added things e.g. addict afresh this accomplished astrologer started interrogating me like "Omg are you alone accomplishing basal healing?" and I explained to her that I did not charge to absorb added on bigger heals at the moment. Like I was accomplishing my job in ensuring everyone's bloom bar is nice and full. And, actuality I am planning on my abutting moves, like breadth to put the sanctuary, additional abstention the the admission bang-up that has targetted my tiny ass whilst accepting to absorb her interrogation.

e.g.2 Basically I partied with 3 berserkers, 2 added accomplished than the other, seeing that they're able to apprehend the patterns and the endure just accuse afterwards affliction (life is consistently dropping), consistently on the added end of the bang-up from the blow of us authoritative it difficult for me to adeptness him to heal, if I like to accumulation alleviate efficiently. Or at atomic alleviate them if they're beside me and needs it. And, into the additional bisected of pyro breadth it gets a bit added intense, abnormally for amateur players whom acquire yet to adept how to apprehend the patterns and dodge, he started allurement me why wasn't I healing them. But I was. I am aggravating to save my akin 56 ass from mostly 1 hit KO-ed moves while casting healing spells that assume to acquire a "time lag" that renders me like a sitting avoid as I cast. Like I accept I'm amateur or a noob at this bamboozlement thing, but the added 2 players were able to survive because they weren't diving into lasers and blaze blasts.

I absolutely got broiled added that ^ but yeah, I'll just stop it at that.

So... Does anyone abroad feel the same/have similiar experiences?

And, can any accomplished priests accord me some tips? On this accumulation dungeoning thing.

P.S. Totally beholden to one getting who thanked me for my heals as able-bodied as accession who told those others to just activity and stop "interrogating" me.

Edit: Thanks everyone! Yall were in actuality nice in aggravating to sympathise and chronicle while giving me advance and advise! Totally fabricated my day as able-bodied as motivated me to advance and be a bigger priest!