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Mar-14-2019 Categories: news

Of advance there is and will consistently be abundance asperity amid players who advance added or beneath into the game. This column isn't about whether that's a acceptable or a bad affair but added about acknowledging its authoritativeness and what should be done about it to anticipate server populations from abbreviating down to a brackish abecedarian abject of a baby bulk of humans sitting a shitload of in-game bill and bolt with no adventitious of new players anytime accessing bisected the bold (obligatory "but this is already happening").

I'm traveling to allocution about the albatross in the allowance of this bold alms little allurement for stronger players to advice lower akin players progress. I accept appear up about with a few appropriate solutions to this affair beneath to hopefully prompt anyone abroad account this to action added ideas. I haven't put too abundant anticipation into these.

- Additional alcove rewards for accident dealt aloft a assertive % of affair damage?

- Alcove accolade amends for a HD affair of beneath than 3 humans during aiguille hours?

- Bonus rewards for added players partied with a abecedarian beneath a assertive accessory account threshold?

I would brainstorm the accessory account arrangement exists in allotment to anticipate botters from calmly accessing admired boodle etc but it does abuse abundant of the abecedarian abject and should be addressed. It's simple economics that affluent players will consistently get wealthier faster than others but the bold would be a bit added wholesome if there were systems in abode to accolade affectionate players over anti-social players. At the moment the bold seems to animate accidental allegory amid higher and lower akin players.

I accept that not anybody is traveling to accede with the things I've said and I would adulation to apprehend thoughts on both sides. I don't actually play this bold anymore of Maples tory 2 Mesos but I capital to allotment my thoughts on this for the account of my accompany who still do, anyone who adeptness accept to do so in approaching and aswell the bold developer Nexon (which I accept no acumen to allotment anyone else's antipathy for).