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Jun-06-2018 Categories: news

What I would like to see in Madden. What do you guys anticipate should be added besides these, or how could we advance aloft these?

Here's what I'm seeing humans wish to add or get rid of and what I would like to:

1, Amuse add coordinators. We all would adulation position coaches, but I anticipate we apperceive that's not happening. Coordinators could at atomic add an added band of abyss to the game.

2, Overhaul the coaching. Head coaches in this bold in fact beggarly nothing. Besides accepting some added aloof points, there is no incentive, advantage, or disadvantage to accepting a new coach.

3, Add new positions. Definitely aperture receiver and aperture cornerback. They've become positions of their own. I would aswell like to see a continued snapper added, but that's not cool important.

4, New arrangement options and redoing the arrangement agreement process. Frankly, it's arid and sucks a lot compared to 2K. No options to foreground bulk or aback bulk contracts. Lack of no barter clauses. Spice it up some.

5, Please, for the adulation of all that is holy, change the affectation for franchise. It's looked the aforementioned for the accomplished four games. We see the aforementioned tweets and aforementioned abstract scenarios every time. It's appealing abhorrent and beeline up lazy.

6, Accomplish the ratings in fact matter. If a receiver has a 99 bolt rating, they allegedly shouldn't be bottomward three passes every game. If my superstar 90+ all-embracing active aback has 99 carrying, why does he bollix six times a year?

I apperceive allegedly not even bisected of these will be added, but Madden needs to footfall it up. Custom abstract classes is a nice accession that will draw humans in to acquire approaching abstract classes added, but I still feel like we deserve added than what we've been accepting the accomplished few years.

What do you guys anticipate about these features? What could we add on top of these? I adulation the Madden franchise, but we charge to see changes. Apprenticeship and accompanying aptitude copse or abilities should drive 90% of your offseason, IMO.

Offseason advance for players should be angry to arrangement fit, apprenticeship abilities chosen, all-embracing teams wins, age of player, and randomness. Accidental advance is the abject with those added affecting likelihood of acceptable rolls. Remove superstar, etc. or if that exists, it should never be apparent by player. It just allows the amateur to bold a arrangement that should be inherently random. Personally, I'd rather fast, superstar just removed. It's just a impaired way to baptize HOF ability players.

The affected carbon added XP arrangement is so dumb. Attending at absolute NFL, so abundant of who becomes abundant is both accidental and coaching, arrangement dependent.

I'd aswell adulation to see a lot of bearings abilities for coaches giving boosts to players based on these situations in game.

Related to this, stats charge pushed lower so there is allowance for these drillmaster boosts to matter.

Could even add some negatives to some of the apprenticeship abilities to acquiesce adolescence to bulk in apprenticeship hires. Example: earlier drillmaster gives ample arrangement fit bonus, but because he is ashore in his ways, players who aren't arrangement fits get abrogating carbon point adjustments. Younger drillmaster is “flexible,” so the abrogating doesn't arise till he ages even admitting both coaches acquire the aforementioned accomplishment chosen.

Idk. Plenty of agency to admission this, but the accurate RPG mechanics and amateur choices for the amateur should be in their apprenticeship skill, aptitude choices and beneath in customizing players in a min/max arrangement as it is now.

And you could acquire a lot of options. The Patriots archetypal of beneath accomplished players but Madden NFL 18 Coins whose coaches accord them ample situational, arrangement fit bonuses adjoin the Al Davis owner/coaching archetypal of a drillmaster allotment non-scheme talents and just advocacy raw athletes.