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It's already 33% off on PS4. Would you guys say there are abundant AI improvements, added features, and brightness to absolve affairs it at this bulk now that there accept been some patches? I apperceive the bold had affluence of bugs at launch.

I've apparent aught "game breaking" glitches over a abounding division in CFM additional several exhibition games, and two or three amateur into a additional season. So... maybe 25-30 amateur total? I originally played 7 minute quarters, now 8.

Worst bugs I've apparent are things that happened afterwards plays. Occasionally a amateur ashore admiration afterwards a reception, or alive through (or into) the end area bank afterwards a touchdown, but play connected commonly afterwards the cutscene.

Occasional incorrect commentary, but it's mostly good, and convalescent with updates every patch. Some accessory annoyances with players out of position from time to time, but about happens if the opposing aggregation goes no ataxia so I can forgive it.

I dunno, there's affluence to bother about, but I anticipate a lot of of the humans announcement air-conditioned bugs and accepting are arena arcade or head-to-head (competitive). I play simulation on authorization and just haven't encountered annihilation like that.

Custom sliders were bare to cut down on some of the warping animations and accepting and to antithesis the gameplay but honestly, that's accession abstract thing, and I use my own slider set on all-pro because none of the ones I downloaded and approved in actuality fit for me. It's a sports bold with custom sliders, so no one bureaucracy is traveling to accomplish anybody happy.

Bear in mind, as a PC gamer I'm not an every year player, admitting I ability be in the approaching if EA keeps absolution for the platform. The a lot of contempo Madden I played afore this was 10 and 11 on the endure gen consoles and 12 on the PSP.

I've been arena modded up Madden 08 for PC mostly in the accomplished year or so, and while that was accomplished for me at the time, 19 is an astronomic advancement and I've played added in the endure few weeks than I did all endure NFL season.

One affair I've acclaimed too is a lot of humans announcement the bugs seems to be PS4 players. I don't apperceive if this is an engine porting affair or what, but there seems to be beneath humans announcement bugs and problems on PC and XBox.

As connected as the complete gameplay isn't afflicted by abounding bugs anymore I'm fine. I'll apparently aces it up for PC if it gets a bit cheaper, danke mein freund.

By MMOGO Madden 19