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Sep-07-2018 Categories: news

RANT Charge Advice LineBackers, Def playbooks, 46/4-3/4-4 and Amateur questions. It's 4am as I alpha to bluster all my questions and comments...so absolve me advanced of time... This is just on my apperception and I'd adulation some feedback.

I'm currently admiring the 46 def from the Jags playbook I run Fire breadth or w/e its called. Now comes my questions.

With 46 I can abandoned accept 3 Linebackers on the acreage at one time. "I adopt to accumulate my SS Malcolm Jenkins on the field" Currently accept been application Clowney at ROLB, Deion Jones as my MLB "Who I user" and I best Ray Lewis as my HOF amateur so he is my LOLB who I advanced in on the blitz... It's been traveling well.

My botheration is this... I accept maxed Deion Jones,maxed Luke Kuechly and maxed Von Miller. Von Miller never see's the acreage anymore now that i switched to the 46.. and I been application Deion Jones could cause I bulk with Kuechly accepting a 99 ovr if the new cards arise out he will amount SOO much coins for madden nfl overdrive, this way I can advertise him now and stick with a cheaper Deion. Or should I just user Kuechly and bead Deion? I'm aggravating to anticipate connected appellation actuality and maybe I'll adulation a def that allows 4 LB'ers on the acreage at already idk.

But I apperceive I wish Clowney as my ROLB forever, at lvl 48 I'm accepting his agenda and I anticipate i'll save 1mil+ coins and get his architecture card... "i bet it cost's added aback I'm amphitheatre on PC idk" could cause authoritative his architecture on pc is hard, his agenda is 300k and Watt is 300k.. so 2 cards amount 600k abrogation me with like 200k larboard over atm. Mutheads says he has been on the AH for 900k for PC so i adeptness get lucky.

As for the DL, I accept Aaron Donald RE, Fletcher Cox DT, Khalil Mack DT, and JJ watt LE. I put Mack as a DT for added acceleration and canyon rushing, I accept Suh but Suh is absolute apathetic and Cox I begin makes added plays for me.

I use my 93 JJ Watt as a spy aback i approved to accomplish Mack my spy but he can't bolt a algid as my spy, JJ catches everything... seems like a decay to accept a 93 LE rusher spy but he in actuality gets me a lot of picks, hell b4 i wrote this JJ won me a bold with an INT in the redzone. Is it astute to put a Bend rusher as a DT? Mack is abandoned 83 as a DT but 89 as bend rusher, idk if the OVR furnishings his communicable and thats why he sucks as a spy?

I acutely can't abode Von Miller as a DT or i would, he can abandoned go to the bend and I'm set with Donald and Watt as my bend rusher/spy. So actuality I am again... no abstraction what to do... I'm done architecture my aggregation till the new advancement cards arise out and I max out Clowney... I just don't apperceive what to do, Lewis is a chargeless 99 and a abundant Blitzer/Hitter/and has some acceptable INTS for me also. Von Miller isn't that abundant on breadth advantage "maybe at 99".

Is it annual captivation assimilate Luke/Miller? I've not played with him for 2 canicule afterwards abandoned amphitheatre ALL my amateur with him and i'm still acceptable don't apprehension a huge bead off in annihilation really.

Abiding Luke has abundant communicable at 91 at ovr 90, but for the approaching amount IDK!

My LE's aren't that fast as Donald and Watt aren't accelerated but I would anticipate they will adeptness 80-85 if I get them to 94-96... I don't plan to get anyone at 99... my ambition is to be a 94-96 OVR aggregation "currently at 89".

Anyhow some acknowledgment would be abundant if captivation assimilate all these players is astute or advertise now if the bazaar is hot for these guys.. I bulk prices will bead for these if upgrades arise out, idk.